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Dennis Prager’s Nightmare

On his radio show Monday, Dennis Prager said: “I have a nightmare for this country — anything that physically harmed this president. It is my nightmare. I can not think of a single worse thing, short of a nuclear terrorist … Continue reading

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If You Think I’m Wrong

"Is it OK if I verbally degrade you during?" he asks. "How could you cut eleven inches off your hair? You know I love your long hair. How could you get a piercing? You know I hate piercings. How could … Continue reading

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Rabbi Says Self-Satisfaction Is Not The Answer

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach writes to a frustrated husband: Sexual passion, intimacy and erotic joy in marriage are crucial components of a strong relationship. So you have to take this issue, and your wife’s frustration, very seriously. But your wife’s suggestion, … Continue reading

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