Is G-d Satisfied With You?

Dennis Prager blows away his Christian friends when he tells them that he believes that all in all G-d is very satisfied with him. Many perhaps most of Prager’s Christian friends walk around with a deep sense of unworthiness.

In Christianity, salvation is a free gift of G-d in exchange for realizing your own unworthiness of eternal salvation and believing in the divinity and salvific power of Christ’s atoning death on the cross.

In Judaism, you earn your way through hard work and difficult study.

Christianity tends to produce Christians who feel a deep sense of unworthiness.

Judaism tends to produce Jews who feel a deep sense of worthiness.

Christian salvation is a free gift and gifts do not develop self-esteem.

Earning your way through estimable action and study develops self-esteem.

If you compliment a typical Jew, he’ll typically say, “Yeah, you are right. Tell me more.”

If you compliment a genuine Christian, he’ll typically say, “Oh no, not me.”

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