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The Top Ten Orthodox Blogs In English

There’s no Orthodox blog I read every day. I read most often (in order) Torah Musings, Frum Satire, Failed Messiah, and Cross Currents. I am trying to come up with a top ten list, but I would not tell you … Continue reading

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The Rabbi Orlofsky Mess

Background Rav Adlerstein posts: “When Rabbi Weinreb (to whose ankles in Torah R. Orlofsky will never rise)…” Rav Adlerstein blogs on another topic: Unlike many New Yorkers I know, I do not have an easy time listening to Michael Savage. … Continue reading

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Freedom From Bondage

Rabbi Gil Student writes:   The past few years has seen a resurgence in militant atheism — think Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris. As a backlash against the religious revival of the past 25 years, these authors and speakers have … Continue reading

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The Websites I Visit

NYTimes.com is my home page. LAObserved.com is usually my first choice after that. Then the Drudge Report (my first choice for breaking news) and LATimes.com. Then Poynter (my first choice for links on journalism news) and Slate.com. Those are the … Continue reading

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Orthodox Judaism’s Conversion Controversy

To quote Toby Katz, commenting on Cross-Currents: The RCA is upset because so many RCA rabbis have done conversions that they never should have done — converting women who had no intention of ever keeping mitzvos, just so they could … Continue reading

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