The Top Ten Orthodox Blogs In English

There’s no Orthodox blog I read every day. I read most often (in order) Torah Musings, Frum Satire, Failed Messiah, and Cross Currents.

I am trying to come up with a top ten list, but I would not tell you that you must read certain Orthodox blogs including mine. I say, wait until somebody emails you a link or phones you and says, you must read this.

* Vosizneias
* Failed Messiah
* Torah Musings
* Yeshiva World News
* Frum Satire
* Cross Currents
* Morethodoxy
* Bloghead
* Rationalist Judaism
* Seforim

Worthy Contenders For Top Ten Status:

* On the Main Line
* Kol HaRav
* On the Contrary
* Seraphic Secret
* Frum Follies
* UnOrthodox Jew

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