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Rav Adlerstein posts: “When Rabbi Weinreb (to whose ankles in Torah R. Orlofsky will never rise)…”

Rav Adlerstein blogs on another topic:

Unlike many New Yorkers I know, I do not have an easy time listening to Michael Savage. I squirm when caught in a car in NY when the driver tunes in to his show. While appreciating his support for Israel, I find his manner over the top, and his content simplistic. All this makes his July 12 remarks more significant, for the pure genuineness of his observations.

Apparently invited to a leyl Shabbos dinner, he meets ten Chabad teenaged girls, and is overwhelmed by their purity. It leads him to contrast their life style with that of their non-religious peers, and to advise them not to be jealous of the lifestyles of cultural icons, because nothing that the beautiful people have holds a candle to what the G-d-fearing have. He notes how many belong in rehab – and can’t stick it out. Why does their stardom fade and fizzle? Savage tells these girls quite simply: “Their souls are screaming out for what you have.”

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