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Andrew Breitbart Was 43

I met Andrew through Cathy Seipp in 2002 and the last time I saw him was at her funeral in 2007. During those five years, Andrew and I were at the same parties about 50 times and we had many … Continue reading

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FlashReport.com – A Blogger Making A Difference

The Los Angeles Times reports: FlashReport is a California version of the Drudge Report. As key votes are cast on the floor of the Legislature, Republicans are often spotted scanning the site to see how they’re being praised or pilloried. … Continue reading

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Florida family has 45 guests at Thanksgiving dinner

I’m reading this story from the Drudge Report and thinking about the Happy Minyan. Its stalwarts Stuart and Enny Wax regularly had Shabbat dinner for a hundred people for about two years until they had kids. The kind of hospitality … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Marriage Kaput?

I’ve noticed various stories on the Drudge Report over the past couple of months that indicate the president’s marriage is in trouble. This past week, I saw: White House reporters abuzz over wedding ring-less president… ‘It’s getting repaired’… On January … Continue reading

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Thank G-d For The PDA

Thanks to PDAs like the iPhone and the Blackberry, the pious Jew can now call up his required prayers any time he needs them. He can hold up his PDA and sway back and forth talking to HaShem from the … Continue reading

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