At The Top Of Every Hour, I’m Gonna Pop A Balloon Until My Demands Are Met

From my live cam: Video

palestine4ever:  This is literally music that terminally depressed housewives murder children to.
BackToBlack:  i beg of you KILL ME
palestine4ever:  I can see Andrea Yates putting on one of Luke’s Mellow Gold K-Tel records and turning on the tap
palestine4ever:  That man has the weakest bladder I’ve ever seen
SexyPervert:  too much reading is not good for anyone
palestine4ever:  He must be fun to drink with.
SexAndTheCityGal:  Most of you shouldn’t be here.
palestine4ever:  K-Tel made cheap compilation records and sold them in TV commercials, RD
YourMoralLeader:  every ten minutes, I’m gonna kill a balloon
BackToBlack:  is that a threat
BackToBlack:  not the balloon
SexyPervert:  MURDERER
palestine4ever:  FAIL
YourMoralLeader:  if my demands are not met
SexyPervert:  They have porn where women bounce on balloons until they pop
BackToBlack:  M U R D E R E R
BackToBlack:  S O C I O P A T H
palestine4ever:  Luke, someone actually barely cared enough about you to send you those as a gift
BackToBlack:  levi lector
palestine4ever:  Balloons are actually a step up from an e-card.
guest13:  Another at 10:12 if
BackToBlack:  pick on someone your own size
palestine4ever:  Is that code, guest13?
palestine4ever:  Did Hashem send you?
palestine4ever:  I don’t know but the concentration in his steely blue eyes is making me gasp in agony
SexyPervert:  sex or money related?
SexyPervert:  Looks like he’s about to kill someone
palestine4ever:  With that fashionable power haircut, Luke could regain his twinkish charm
palestine4ever:  The beard has to go though
palestine4ever:  To say nothing of the sweatpants.
palestine4ever:  I do like the haircut.
palestine4ever:  And I’m confident enough in my sexuality to say so.
SexyPervert:  Doesn’t he look Russell Crowe-ish?
guest25:  be carefull he is going to throw the phone at you!!
nicolletista:  careful p4e, lest he change out of them again in front of you
SexyPervert:  ooohhh, he’s pissed.
SexyPervert:  more pissed than his birthday post last night.
SexyPervert:  the balloons are dead after this call
nicolletista:  mind you, the hair stylist promo shuld be run for comedic value.  how about a special appearance on the style network or qvc for luke?  he’ll critique your handbag from both fashion-forward-Rodeo-Drive and Torah standpoints.
palestine4ever:  They’re probably going to try to pay him in Torah coupons or something
nicolletista:  no luke, we can’t pay you, but i think i can get you a few responsa from some satmar lunatic

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