What Makes A Man Angrier? Sex Deprivation Or Sleep Deprivation?

From my chat room:

guest8:  luke r u depressed that your bd is over?
DiscoDuck:  he doesn;t look good
guest8:  he has a hangover or a hangnail
guest8:  where are the balloons ??  did you pop them?
YourMoralLeader:  many of ’em
YourMoralLeader:  they bugged me
guest8:  what would you have liked to receive as a gift ?
guest8:  pick one of these   1.  books  2.  sex  3.  money  4.  all of the above  5. none of these
DiscoDuck:  He wants sex
DiscoDuck:  can’t say I blame him
DiscoDuck:  That explains his anger
guest11:  Lack of sleep will cause more anger than lack of sex.  Trust me!
DiscoDuck:  Give me a 3 day break from sex and I am ready to kill
guest11:  I rather sleep than have sex at this point.
guest11:  I’m ready to kill the neighborhood kittens the second I wake up.
DiscoDuck:  I may start sending Levi a weekly summary of the chapters of Kav HaYashar
DiscoDuck:  He can’t keep neglecting his learning
guest11:  learn what?  He’s learned enough!  Time to put down the books and sleep.
DiscoDuck:  11 it is never enough
DiscoDuck:  Levi is fighting the yezter hora
DiscoDuck:  as we all do
guest11:  He says he reads three books a week.  And with all his blogs,  he’s read more than a librarian has.
DiscoDuck:  comic books don’t count
guest8:  he needs  1. wild passionate sex w/o strings attached  2. good & deep sleep  3. no balloons
palestine4ever:  Somewhere there’s a French child weeping over Luke’s balloon holocaust.
palestine4ever:  You’re just telling people you’ve given up, to quote Seinfeld.
palestine4ever:  And yet has no marketable geek skills whatsoever.
DiscoDuck:  He needs a new routine
SexyPervert:  He needs his own reality show!
palestine4ever:  You’re like Steve Wozniak or Paul Allen in 1977 without the ideas, skill or knowledge.
palestine4ever:  It’s the perfect geek life absent the money.
palestine4ever:  You have bagged better women than them, though.
palestine4ever:  Kendra. That was the one.
palestine4ever:  How your fugitive hearts could have soared.

SexAndTheCityGal:  Why haven’t you asked to take me to this movie?
SexAndTheCityGal:  I’m waiting for the call.
SexAndTheCityGal:  Mister BIG
SexAndTheCityGal:  Isn’t that what they used to call you on the set?
palestine4ever:  Luke has problems with traditional relationships — mainly, paying on a date.
SexAndTheCityGal:  Oh, there are ways of making him pay
palestine4ever:  Is there a free zoo in LA?
palestine4ever:  Or would you be interested in a tour of the La Brea tarpits?
palestine4ever:  That’s free, isn’t it?
palestine4ever:  It’s kind of like watching Kurt Cobain, you just know how this is going to end
palestine4ever:  Maybe we can leave a mark on the world here
palestine4ever:  Maybe this can be the first chatroom with a suicide pact.

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