Why Are Jews So Crazy?

palestine4ever:  hello Mr. Luke.
palestine4ever:  Why are Jews so crazy?
palestine4ever:  I’m not female but if I was, I still cannot wrap my head around a rabbi seduction fantasy.
palestine4ever:  Pun intended.
palestine4ever:  It’s like writing erotic fan fiction about shagging Gerald Ford.
palestine4ever:  Suck in that gut — Bertie Ahern is watching.
palestine4ever:  You are covering the whats but you’re not covering the whys
palestine4ever:  I also believe you are in a unique position to increase cultural understanding.
palestine4ever:  Like when you dress in your encyclopedia salesman suit and with your beard
palestine4ever:  I bet people are more likely to mug or give a strange comment than when you were the bright-eyed, clean-shaven twink that we all remember
palestine4ever:  This isn’t anti-semitism: it’d be the same if I wore a rainbow wig and big shoes.
palestine4ever:  Although complaining about rowdy teenagers harassing the humble folks is definitely a sign that Disco Duck’s better days are behind him.
palestine4ever:  Luke is a basketball fan?
palestine4ever:  There’s a New Zealand team called the Tall Blacks.
palestine4ever:  Which is the greatest sports name ever.
palestine4ever:  http://www.basketball.org.nz/national-teams/tall-blacks/
palestine4ever:  Fiction, cower before the truth!

Disco Duck responds: "What is this nonsense?! Palestine4ever needs to get a life. They weren’t rowdy teenagers and they committed the crime of assault with a deadly weapon (PC 245). I filed a police report and given the circumstances it is considered a hate crime. They threw bottles in the direction of three children under the age of 5. That is inexcusable and palestine4ever should be beaten for making light of it."

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