I Enjoy Watching Beautiful People Play Tennis

The New York Times reports:

Last June, the ascendant Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic hit a serve 124.9 miles per hour, one of the most powerful blasts ever by a woman. And this was after injuries and maturity had convinced her that, when it comes to serving, it’s about more than how hard you hit the ball. The 20-year-old Ivanovic has shot up to No. 2 in the world rankings in part because she has transformed her serve into a multifaceted stroke that overwhelms opponents with its unpredictable speed and spin. Here, a closer look at one of the most dangerous shots on the women’s tour.

Here’s a report:


Oh my God, this girl is too kissably beautiful to believe.

Nineteen. Sensational. Wife material.

Top ten for years, until the awesome Justine gets tired.

Hard on the eyes, Ana.

We see your legs, Ana.

You move fast Ana.

Stop beating the hell out of everyone Ana.


Girl can play.

Somewhere, Maria pounds tiny fists.

"Someone has more precise control than me?"

Ana won another final today.


What’s up with your non eyeliner?

Luck going to take you far?

I underestimated your will until lately.

Clap Clap.




ana.jpgProbably not fair to judge charmed lives.

Yes it is. Damn well it is fair.

No one gets to be that good looking and athletic on a world scale, at the same time.

She speaks seven languages and I’m beside myself, sputtering.

Allow me to fuel outrage from women all over America, and possibly Britain, who have their own Keira Knightlys to deal with.

It’s like a bad episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" when Brenda has to step in and slap Robert for being a 40-something idiot dating a 19 year-old.


Ana is from Belgrade, and here is why her nerves are of steel.

She played early tennis in a drained-out swimming pool, avoiding BOMBS.

Critical writes:

Many enjoy watching really good tennis, I enjoy watching really good looking people play tennis.

Ana Ivanovic. YES. Daniela Hantuchova. Yes. Maria Sharapova. Yes. Jelena Jankovic. Sure, why not.

Ivanovic rolled over Williams last night (or whenever it was) 7-6, 6-4 making her the third Serb to play in the Aussie Open semis. Hantuchova is her next opponent, while Sharapova and Jankovic duel on the other side. Naturally, this happens in the least watchable tennis major.

So, to recap. Here’s what you’ve got for tennis viewing over the next few days.

Australian Open: Women's Semifinals A 'Pretty Good Sight' Photo

Australian Open: Women's Semifinals A 'Pretty Good Sight' Photo

Australian Open: Women's Semifinals A 'Pretty Good Sight' PhotoAustralian Open: Women's Semifinals A 'Pretty Good Sight' Photo

Jason Peck writes:

Ana Ivanovic is a great tennis player, too.

I’d like to thank Darren Rovell over at CNBC’s SportsBiz for making us aware of the phenomenal 19-year old Serbian tennis player, Ana Ivanovic. She happens to be a pretty decent tennis player, too. Starting with this post, Rovell calls Ivanovic the next Maria Sharapova, and not just because of her looks- Ivanovic dominated Sharapova at the French Open semis earlier this year.

In his next Ivanovic post, Rovell calls Ivanovic the most beautiful female athlete in the world. and gives us a great slide show of Ivanovic images. There is also a poll on SportsBiz asking readers who is the world’s sexiest tennis player – Sharapova or Ivanovic? After almost 1000 votes, the winner is clearly Ivanovic–she got 90% of the votes. In his most recent Ivanovic post, Rovell gives us an interview with the tennis goddess herself.

In case you won’t get to see her playing tennis on TV, check out this YouTube video for a slideshow of Ivanovic pictures.

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Ana Ivanovic35

Ana Ivanovic





Ana Ivanovic

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