New Indiana Jones Flick Blows

ChaimAmalek:  Now, don’t bother seeing that new Indiana Jones movie.  It blows
ChaimAmalek:  Nearly put me to sleep.
palestine4ever:  does it
palestine4ever:  Is it on a Star Trek IV level of suck?
ChaimAmalek:  Sad reminder that old men (like me) have no new ideas.
palestine4ever:  The one with the whales?
palestine4ever:  I thought that was evident in the Star Wars prequels
palestine4ever:  Which seemed to interrupt CGI action sequences with clips from C-SPAN
ChaimAmalek:  Well, they basically take the old movies, everything that Spielberg and Lucas did in the seventies and eighties, add to that a few scenes stolen straight out of "National Treasure", add an old dude as the lead and that’s that
ChaimAmalek:  No tension, no nothing

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