She Got Drunk With Luke Ford

Leah Kleim posts:

Its Memorial day weekend.
Since Friday afternoon across America
road blocks have been going up, grills
fired up and of course the American way
of celebrating/vacationing has been put
into play…Binge drinking !

Being an American I am very familiar
with the drinking to have fun concept.
Being a chabadnik, I am very familiar
with the getting shit faced concept.
And having Irish blood run through my
veins…well enough said. Any occasion
to hit the bottle is a good occasion to
me. I have no freaking idea what Memorial
day is about or for, but the booze is flowing
and I’m celebrating.

I did what every American does on a Holiday
weekend. I mowed my yard, fired up my grill,
blared chasidish nigunim out of my house,
and drank like a starving fish.

I needed a break from celebrating what ever
it is this day is about, so I went online
to check my emails and my favorite pointless
blogs, and I found myself in Luke Ford’s chat room.
His name is really Levi but that’s besides the point.

A six pack of Heineken a six pack of corona and
a half a liter of tequila down and more than
that waiting to go down and somehow I’m on the
phone with my moral leader, Luke Ford.
We had a great conversation about…

When I woke up this morning, in someone Else’s
bed, in a horrible looking outfit, I stumbled
downstairs and tripped over half a dozen Wal-mart
bags full of misc bull shit that I don’t need but
thought I did when tequila and Wal-mart collided
yesterday. I made it to the bathroom and put some
neosporin on the cuts I got when I smashed out
a window to run from the cops. And I wondered.
Did I really talk to Luke Ford yesterday or am
I imagining this ? I poured a double shot of
tequila over ice, hey its to early to drink it
straight from the bottle, and I checked my call
log. Yes I talked to Luke Ford yesterday.

Luke was right there in the middle of my
celebration, my party, my drunken binge.
I wonder if he knows. Hell I wonder what
we talked about. Maybe Ill get stupid drunk
today and call him and ask him…
Na, not maybe. FOR SURE ! I just don’t know
if I’ll remember to call Levi.

Happy Memorial day ! Lets celebrate a reason
to celebrate !

Check out Luke Ford’s blog
Or join in the fun in his chat room
You might find me there today, WAISTED !

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (
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