Decoding Russell Brand (9-24-23)

01:00 Russell Brand’s rhetorical avalanche reminds me of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Nick Fuentes, Mike Enoch, Eric Striker,
04:00 How Russell Brand Became the New Alex Jones,
07:00 On Bullshit,
08:00 If books could kill,
09:00 If books could kill podcast,
36:00 My best blog posts,
37:45 Russell Brand speaks to seize attention and weave a spell
40:35 Right wing influencers like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro cannot stand to pause
43:00 “Content is never the point with pundits and cults. Leaders want to hold your attention with emotion, not with ideas.”
45:20 Forgive For Good: Recovery Workshop with Dr. Fred Luskin,
1:09:00 Are Sanskrit Prayers The Most Powerful?
1:18:40 Goy joy,
1:21:00 Yoga – The Risks and Rewards
1:22:00 Alexander Technique, Yoga
1:27:00 Is Yoga Idol-Worship?
1:42:00 I celebrated Yogi Bhajan’s 80th birthday in 2009,
1:44:45 Elliott Blatt joins
2:02:00 How Involved Were SBF’s Parents?
2:14:00 These Wily Older Women Exploited Me

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Type One & Type Two Addicts

According to the UVA website:

Diabetes type 1 and type 2 come from different causes:

In diabetes type 1, the pancreas does not make insulin, because the body’s immune system attacks the islet cells in the pancreas that make insulin.
In diabetes type 2, the pancreas makes less insulin than used to, and your body becomes resistant to insulin. This means your body has insulin, but stops being able to use it.

I’ve seen two types of addicts in the various 12-step programs I’ve attended. Type one addicts can not make recovery on their own, they are in the group for life. Other addicts come into a program, get a permanent rearrangement, and graduate from the program to do other things in life without the addiction coming back to kill them.

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Decoding The Russell Brand Rape Allegations (9-20-23)

01:00 Russell Brand: The latest on sexual assault allegations against the comedian,
05:00 Atlantic: Russell Brand Wasn’t an Anomaly,
16:00 The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire
19:00 Russell Brand on Decoding the Gurus from Nov. 21, 2020,
53:00 Elliott Blatt joins
53:30 My top blog posts,
54:20 Sam Vaknin on narcissism,
1:13:00 Richard Spencer’s philosemitic turn
1:20:00 Underearners often become criminals

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The Turning Point

As I develop a list of my best blog posts and best videos, I notice that it is only after February 2, 2020 that I consistently like my online production (I like most of my life choices after the summer of 2015, a turning point in my real life that only effectively translated into my online work in 2020).

Cohosting a daily Youtube show with the brilliant Kevin Michael Grace (he has at least a standard deviation of IQ on me) for nearly two years (ending January 31, 2020) created more compelling shows than anything I could make on my own, but I found I liked myself more when I moved on from that partnership (even as my viewership dropped to about a quarter of what it was with Kevin).

Younger me was more energetic and risk-taking than post-2020 me. I don’t like myself as an activist. I’m unfair to people, I’m nasty, I’m repetitive, I’m shallow. I prefer myself in analyst mode. I like myself more when I focus on understanding what the world, not changing it.

I had a girlfriend at UCLA at age 22 who told me, “You are so adorable when you try to change the world.”

Not to me I’m not.

Here are the key points in my ideological development:

* I stopped blogging on the porn industry in October of 2007.
* Alexander Technique calmed me down beginning with my first lessons in 2008.
* I stopped playing around with women in 2010.
* I started my first 12-step program in 2011 and developed some emotional sobriety.
* Going on modafinil in 2013 gave me more mental energy.
* I began effectively managing my life in the summer of 2015 due to the addition of various 12-step programs devoted to managing your time and money.
* I read Fred Luskin’s Forgive for Good book in 2017.
* I discovered Nathan Cofnas in March of 2018.
* Reading Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality in April of 2018.
* This disastrous show: The Art of Debate w Jim Goad, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Irony Bros (12-22-18)
* I began listening to Decoding the Gurus in the middle of 2020.
* Reading philosopher Rony Guldmann in 2022.

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If you hurt yourself, others will hurt you

Shakti Gawain wrote:

If you judge and criticize yourself, other will judge and criticize you.

If you hurt yourself, others will hurt you.

If you lie to yourself, others will lie to you.

If you are irresponsible to yourself, others will be irresponsible in relation to you.

If you blame yourself, others will blame you.

If you do violence to yourself emotionally, others will do violence to you emotionally or even physically.

If you don’t listen to your own feelings, no one will listen to your feelings.

If you love yourself, others will love you.

If you trust yourself, others will trust you.

If your honest with yourself, others will be honest with you.

If you are gentle and compassionate with yourself, others will treat with you with compassion.

If you appreciate yourself, others will appreciate you.

If you honor yourself, others will honor you.

If you enjoy yourself, other will enjoy you.

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