White Nationalism Is Dead: Now What?

Brett Stevens writes:

Politics forms a sub-heading under philosophy for a reason: where philosophy aims at the unchanging, politics looks at the dynamic of power which shifts frequently. As such, the problem with political terms is that often we target what was relevant yesterday. This proves hardest for groups creating change because they often overshoot their own goals by achieving them.

Take, for instance, the Alt-Right. It gained ground as the Obama years showed us that, with echoes of the 1990s and 1960s, a fundamental transformation by the Left was ruining what was left of Western Civilization. It grew into public view when Hillary Clinton mentioned it as the new Great Satan for all who believe in Holy Equality. Then, it tried to define itself.

At first, the goal for the Alt-Right was to gather together the disparate influences of the postwar Right — hierarchy, nationalism, traditionalism, and metapolitics or a sense that cultural change was needed to kickstart political change — under a banner as an alternative to the somewhat rancid mainstream politics which turned Rightists into RINOs.

Having achieved that, and seen candidates of a similar note be vaulted into office in the United States and Europe, the Alt-Right overshot its own goals. It succeeded, but was there more to it? Where did it go once it crafted its initial aim, which was to awaken cultural consciousness of the need for Western Civilization to save itself through its people and their culture?

Brett wrote a related essay:

Why White Nationalism Has Become Obsolete

With the rise of populism, the previous “white nationalist” movement became obsolete. What the media calls “white nationalism” now simply means white identity politics, or the recognition that different white groups have as much a reason to have their own culture, values, and ethnic self-determination, much as we grant the same to every non-white minority group.

This populist movement for the first time pairs with an economic and social doctrine. It espouses the libertarian idea of free markets and freedom of association, meaning that people want to escape the tax-and-spend social engineering regime of our liberal governments and also break away from the civil rights laws that force us to live with others who are not like us.

At this point, populist white nationalism has also become obsolete. We have stated what we want, and now stand arrayed against those who defend the Leftist benefits superstate and its civil rights agenda. We want a functional society for our people, and they want a mob of people without heritage upon whom they can imprint the Good News of Leftism.

We realize now that libertarianism is not enough, nor is the basic idea of white identity politics. The former creates anarchy which will inevitably shift toward the socialist consumerism of the status quo, and the latter seems defensive and does not address what we fully want, which is a Western Civilization with the greatness of the ancients.

Our people have awakened and they want something other than modernity, which they have finally revealed is a Hydra of many heads — diversity, equality, democracy, pluralism, consumerism, hipsterism — and realize that we need more than a resistance movement, but a design of a new civilization and a game plan for how to get there.

A friend says: “1. Yeah, we’re not all gonna make it. The degenerate and effete whites can go die and nobody cares; but I hope that it isn’t “random,” who gets invited — I hope somehow that the whites who care, who never stopped trying, etc., get word that it’s time to gather in Namibia (or whatever).

2. I was talking to my Texas later friend who is now 100% woke, and he was thinking about how ethnogenesis happens… how do the Etruscans become a people? And could such a thing happen now? Is the world finished generating new ethnicities? Presumably it would have to be a subset of whites—a shared language, religious culture, kinship, and maybe geography would seem to be the prerequisites. But the trick is, where do we apply for official new ethnicity status? And this opens up a scary black hole — maybe the UN or something? But conditions for recognition feel all wrong.

3. Sometimes I think about Doooovid saying that in his mind whites are sort of “blanks,” just empire dwellers with no identity. That’s a rough pill to swallow, but I do wonder. Can racial consciousness ever surmount just being reactionary? What would our positive vision be? I still haven’t solved that stuff.”

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Trump Versus The Courts

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Invasion Of The NPCs

* Non-Player Characters

* James Kuntsler writes: ” Speaking as a black woman… wait second! Can I do that? Well, why not. We’re now a nation consumed by make-believe, in which you can declare anything you want about yourself and insist that everyone else agree that it is so. If I identify this way, you must believe me! (Or else I will come after you with my cos-play mob and destroy you.)”

* Amanda Rosenberg: Portrait of a Survivor. KMG: “She fucked her way to the top, now Amanda Rosenberg is now proudly bipolar & demands the government attend to the scandalously ignored crisis of Asian-American mental illness. Insanity as a ploy to restore your reputation.”

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Amanda Rosenberg on “mother material.”

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Can The Church Regain Its Moral Authority?

Claire Khaw suggests these topics:

1) Could the Catholic Church regain its moral authority within the lifetimes of anyone born today?

2) If the world’s most powerful Church has failed, does this mean Christianity has failed?

3) Is the West suffering from a double whammy of a failed religion and a failed political system?

4) If Christianity and liberal democracy have failed, is the answer a one party theocracy?

5) How do we restore patriarchy in the West?

6) Should and must the patriarchy be restored for the continuation of Western civilisation in some form?

7) How many people know the West is now a matriarchy?

8) The perfect patriarchy – 100% married parents

The perfect matriarchy – 100% unmarried parents

Would you agree and what is America?

9) If anything should happen to Trump, white men would once again be without a leader, only left with the option of violence to keep the liberals from returning to power and the real possibility of another American civil war.

10) If there is no obvious successor to Trump, shouldn’t there at least a reasonable plan be prepared capable of being understood and followed by future generations?

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Dow Crashes: Correction Or Something Worse?

The Dow Jones was up 287 points today.

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