A Portrait Of A Rabbi Predator

Think Rabbi Yaakov Menken aka Kenny the Shark.

That type.

We’ve got one or two rabbis like this in Pico/Robertson.

They’re in positions of power.

I wouldn’t want to rock the boat.

I’m not the type who likes to name names.

Their modus operandi: It’s good to work in kiruv (outreach) or to teach in a high school or as head of a Beit Din with power over conversions, marriages, divorces, etc.

Have lots of access to women.

Have lots of access to depressed vulnerable women.

Separate the victim from their support systems. Tell the victim it is for the sake of their Jewish growth. HaShem wants them to move on from the family and friends that are holding them back.

Offer the victim counseling.

Tell the victim you are their best friend.

Let the victim know how much power they have over you.

Make the victim feel helpless without your help.

Let the victim learn that they won’t get what they want — a conversion or divorce or job — without satisfying you.

Get the victim alone with you.

Fill their head with your words while you occupy their territories.

Tell the victim that this is what G-d wants.

it is preparing her for a rich and fulfilling marriage.

Pound in the fact that in Orthodoxy we don’t talk about these things publicly — and never to the goyim.

Plook victim constantly while whining about the great sin of spilling seed.

Say a bracha.

Rinse and repeat.

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