Living in the Presence of G-d

Religion is totalitarian. It wants to take over all of your life, even how you make love to your wife.

Yeah, the rabbis say you should carry the consciousness of G-d into the bedroom and when that special time comes, you should be all grateful to HaShem.

Man, when I heard this, it put me right off sex.

My father the preacher man had a lot of alliterative sayings on this score to the effect that if G-d counts for something, He counts for everything.

I don’t want to be totalitarian. I don’t want to be like Hitler. I want to keep G-d in His place.

Everything has its place. Even G-d.

I go to shul to think about G-d. I go to Holly’s place to think about other things.

I see G-d as the concentrated fruit juice that you add to the smoothie of life. Too much and you lose the flavor of the fruit. Too little and life is bland.

Why can’t everyone be nice and moderate like me?

I oppose the Talibanization of Orthodox Judaism.

When I put it like that, don’t you agree with me?

If you don’t, you’re worse than Osama Bin Laden.

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