Rabbi Gadol Fears For My Neshama

The holy rabbi — he’s not a compromising Modern Orthodox, he’s the real thing, a fair dinkum rabbi — is in my chat room right now dispensing brachas:

RabbiGadol:  A nice woman, his age, from a good family.  Very much interested in making and keeping a Jewish home.
YourMoralLeader:  Welcome Rabbi
Cindi:  She has to be dark haired and italian/jewish looking
RamBam:  Uhoh he’s back!
RabbiGadol:  But I don’t know if I should introduce them, based on what I see here.
YourMoralLeader:  not for long, must nude sunbathe
YourMoralLeader:  before the kids get home
RabbiGadol:  After all, "it all begins with a chat."
Cindi:  very intelligent and edgy
RabbiGadol:  I’m afrain Luke is no longer thinking about finding a nice Jewish woman.
RabbiGadol:  Someone suitable to him.
Cindi:  chaste in the community, opposite in private
RabbiGadol:  I fear for his neshama
RabbiGadol:  I can see him abandoning years of work in a moment of passion.
RabbiGadol:  But what is passion, but an attempt to wage war on nature?
Cindi:  he’s already done that many times, lol, but he always returns to the proper ways of the shul
RabbiGadol:  I admit that I have no 18 year old with blue eyes to introduce to him
RamBam:  I do think he’s ready for a shidduch
RabbiGadol:  None of the Jewish women I know of who might consider such a match are young enough to be his daughter.
RabbiGadol:  And even the somewhat older ones are holding out for a more successful man
RabbiGadol:  So there is a mismatch in inventory here
Cindi:  You can be successful without being wealthy
RabbiGadol:  And there lies the peril that Luke’s neshama faces.
RabbiGadol:  He will let it all go away for a moment or two of pleasure.
RamBam:  I know no women who wants an ex-porn blogger.
RabbiGadol:  There are some, but they are not Jewish.
RamBam:  But she MUST be Jewish
Cindi:  I know many women that would want him, but not vice versa
RabbiGadol:  And they want a man with more material success, alas.
Cindi:  HE is the picky one
RabbiGadol:  I fear that Luke is prepared to look away from his People.
RabbiGadol:  This saddens me greatly.
RamBam:  I think he has his heart set on the Emerald Isle.
RabbiGadol:  I fear that you are right.
RabbiGadol:  I urged him to attend singles events for the 40+ set, but he would not listen to me.
RamBam:  He may have converted but he has need of young shiksas.
Cindi:  Luke needs a beautiful, intelligent motherly type, under 35
RamBam:  JEWISH don’t forget Jewish
RabbiGadol:  I urged him to remember Sarah, who bore a child very late in life, but Luke does not listen.
YourMoralLeader:  I want an Irish lass.
Cindi:  Isn’t she the one who turned into a pillar of salt and created the dead sea? lol
YourMoralLeader:  Is that so wrong?
YourMoralLeader:  So she have the love of Christ in her bosom?
RabbiGadol:  All of this can be undone.  I am more certain of Luke’s committment to this strange "vegetarian" lifestyle of his than to the Jewish people.
Cindi:  IF the right girl came along, I think LUke would become a Mormon meateater
RabbiGadol:  There is nothing wrong with this choice, Luke, provided you are not Jewish. 
RabbiGadol:  Well, maybe there is a lot still wrong with this scenario, but that is a different matter
RabbiGadol:  Shiksa fever.
YourMoralLeader:  please pray for me
RabbiGadol:  It has destroyed countless Jewish souls.
RamBam:  He thinks Sarah and about Hagar on the side
RabbiGadol:  This is not good.
RabbiGadol:  This internet is not good
RamBam:  He thinks about marrying sisters like Rachel & Leah
Cindi:  Emma? Emma? Did we lose you? We need you in this conversion, I mean conversation
RabbiGadol:  I just don’t think it will work out.  The other rabbis are convinced it is all a sham.
Emma:  Im here
RamBam:  And doing naughty things to them.
Cindi:  Are you and your sister single like Rachel and Lea?
RabbiGadol:  Emma, is there no nice strapping Irish lad in your village you can turn to for the love you crave?
Emma:  Single.. nothing like rachel and lea though
RabbiGadol:  We are afraid of losing Luke.
RamBam:  The problem is that they are both pretty.  Leah was not.
Emma:  Dont worrie about that rabbi
RabbiGadol:  Somewhere a Jewish woman’s heart is breaking yet again.

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