I’m Trying Out My Summer Bathing Suits Live On Cam!

Click here to watch and chat with the gedolim as we analyze which outfits suit me best:

ChaimAmalek:  Blessed be this chat room.  Or is that too goyish a blessing?
ChaimAmalek:  "May the All-Mighty keep our discourse Holy"
ChaimAmalek:  I like this new look.
ChaimAmalek:  All it needs is a giant rabbit to walk across the scene.
Emma:  And actually Im not the type of girl who likes to get looked at thank you very much
QuixoticLass:  who doesn’t like to be looked at?
QuixoticLass:  it’s human nature to say "look at me!"
QuixoticLass:  see, he’s saying it right now
watchingyoublog:  i should totally go see the cherry blossoms
watchingyoublog:  there are hordes of tourists who flocked here to see them and here i am
QuixoticLass:  yeah don’t miss that
watchingyoublog:  sitting here watching luke in la
watchingyoublog:  today is peak blossom
QuixoticLass:  then definitely don’t miss it
QuixoticLass:  really pretty and it smells good too
watchingyoublog:  i need to make an important decision
watchingyoublog:  and i am hesitating about it
Emma:  What decision?
QuixoticLass:  Luke’s ass will be here tomorrow, but hte cherry blossoms wont
Emma:  Yeah Luke likes to be looked at
Emma:  What age are you Luke?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I know
BarakObamaBabyMama:  but will not tell
BarakObamaBabyMama:  There is much that I know but will not tell
Emma:  Lol bara
BarakObamaBabyMama:  My mother and I raised Luke since we found him in an alley.
Emma:  Hello Diddy
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I hear sounds in the backgroud….sounds that, in LA, are normally made by Mexicans at work
KhunDiddy:  Emma..you still here…my G-d..donyou not have a life outside Luke?
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KhunDiddy:  hi Emma..
Emma:  Yes actually I’m not here long
KhunDiddy:  Oh good
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KhunDiddy:  it’s always nice to drop by and say hello..I can’t stay long myself
Emma:  Too bad
KhunDiddy:  how are things in The Old Sod?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I can stay for a long long time
ragheadali:  i cant stay long either on a flyin mission soon
BarakObamaBabyMama:  All without viagra
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Luke, be sure to have the cameras rolling when you kasher your abode for Passover
Emma:  Luke can you play some Libera……………
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I want to see how it is done, West Coast style
KhunDiddy:  kasher?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  to render kosher
BarakObamaBabyMama:  this will involve a massive hunt for crumbs
KhunDiddy:  I don’t have my Yiddisha dictionary out
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Luke, did you ever have a bar mitzvah?
KhunDiddy:  it’s that Hebrew equivalent of Christmas decorations
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I ask, because in just a few months you turn 42, which is barmitzvah x 3.
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Maybe you should mark your triple bar mitzvah,eh?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  13 years ago, were you a Jew?
KhunDiddy:  42….still a young man…but getting older…it goes fast…you better make a play for Emma and get on with it
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Where will the reception be?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I want to help you write your bar mitzvah speech
KhunDiddy:  Emma……could you live in Luke’s Hovel…two "bugs in a rug" as it were
BarakObamaBabyMama:  "Today, I am a man"
Emma:  No diddy
KhunDiddy:  at 42 Luke shoud be picking a career soon
BarakObamaBabyMama:  He’s young still.  There is plenty of time
KhunDiddy:  what you want to be when you grow up Luke?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  50 is the new 30
QuixoticLass:  42 is the answer
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Luke, what vexes you?
KhunDiddy:  50 is the new 100
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Is it a question of interpreting a shtickel of gemarrah?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  You do have that look
Emma:  You people ask too many questions lol
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KhunDiddy:  Emma…what you doing?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Juden
BarakObamaBabyMama:  What else do you expect?
KhunDiddy:  where are you?
Emma:  Ireland
BarakObamaBabyMama:  When Irish eyes are smiling, the whole world smiles at you
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I like the Irish.
BarakObamaBabyMama:  When they are sober
KhunDiddy:  Emma have you heard of Chaim Amalek…he’s a lonely Jew from new York..if you don’t want Luke there are other choices
Emma:  Thank you
Emma:  Diddy lol please stop
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Emma, you should have my children
QuixoticLass:  hahaha
BarakObamaBabyMama:  you too
KhunDiddy:  When they are sober..hahahaha that’s not often
BarakObamaBabyMama:  What do you get when you cross an Irish woman with a Jew?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  I don’t know, but it isn’t Jewish.
KhunDiddy:  stop? why…I’m trying to fix you up with an American Jew..One real…one not so real..
BarakObamaBabyMama:  That’s called Torah humor

YourMoralFuhrer:  lukd do you feel the impulse to commit crime is genetic in any way
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Poles are good for fighting wars against Germans or Russians
BarakObamaBabyMama:  My blood cholesterol levels no longer permit Mexican food….or Indian food…or Texas steak….or Cheesey pizza
YourMoralCollapse:  Luke, Emma’s going to give good run for your money……..in the cam world…. 😉
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Turkey turkey and chicken and other plain bland things
YourMoralOutrage:  Luke, was that your lady-servant?
KhunDiddy:  lololo what is that an Irish lulibye
BarakObamaBabyMama:  You gotta keep the mrs out of the cam audio
YourMoralFuhrer:  is that your mexican slave?
YourMoralFuhrer:  that you bought in Tijuana?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Emma, what do they make of Obama in Ireland?
HankYablonski:  The hovel is a clean free zone.
KhunDiddy:  How’s the Van running luke?
KhunDiddy:  back on the road
BarakObamaBabyMama:  How do you get around without a van?
BarakObamaBabyMama:  rental car?
KhunDiddy:  Dominicans in the Bronx and a shvartzer in the White House
YourMoralFuhrer:  i thought all this was being recorded in his van
YourMoralFuhrer:  $2200?
YourMoralFuhrer:  you spent tht much
YourMoralFuhrer:  get a fscking rice burner
KhunDiddy:  he hitch hikes
BarakObamaBabyMama:  You were not wise to invest that kind of money in that kind of vehicle
BarakObamaBabyMama:  What sort of mileage does that van get?
KhunDiddy:  very unwise  should have left it there and put the 2K down on anew one..you are not a SMART JEW
KhunDiddy:  Luke is a dumb Jew and there ain’t many
YourMoralFuhrer:  luke is goyischekop
KhunDiddy:  hahahaaaaaaaa
BarakObamaBabyMama:  The day is coming when it will cost you more in gas a day than you are earning from your web ventures.
KhunDiddy:  further proof that Luke is not a REAL Jew..he got the Van fixed
BarakObamaBabyMama:  Also, women these days want their men to be "green"
KhunDiddy:  the Van is Green..all that MOLD
Outlaw13:  DAMN ! WHAT HAPPENS !
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KhunDiddy:  is Emma still here..Emma don’t leave us..
Emma:  emma has gone….
Emma:  please leave a message
AMALEK:  bye bye emma…..
KhunDiddy:  Emma  Emma ..I’m going to slash my writs   arrrrggghhh!
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AMALEK:  I would never name a girl Natalie Emma, because then her name would be N. Emma
AMALEK:  badda bing!
AMALEK:  Luke, someone told me you are applying to law school
AMALEK:  listen!
AMALEK:  I hear a stream of water!
YourMoralFuhrer:  it’s awesome that the camera follows him into the bathroom
YourMoralFuhrer:  i can hear him pissing
AMALEK:  Sounds like it could be in the country somewhere
AMALEK:  and now a waterfall
AMALEK:  Very rustic
AMALEK:  Next up, exercise!
AMALEK:  Then prayer!
AMALEK:  Thus does he aggrandize the name of G-d.

Emma:  LOL!!!!!!!!
martha:  get some weights lol
AlJolson:  Seems like he is mixing it up with an invisible pole…..this is a pole dance
martha:  looks like you controlling trafffic lol
Emma:  Thats the best excersise Ive ever seen lol!!
martha:  this way please lol
AlJolson:  This sort of imagery will not chasten the enemies of Zion
martha:  i think he’ll be good at the birdie song lol
martha:   or superman
guest919:  comming in for landing….
martha:  sit down
martha:  get a drink
martha:  wot??
martha:  wot?
martha:  wow all those books
AlJolson:  Show us a box of Matzos
AlJolson:  Drinking Yellow again
martha:  juice time lol
guest919:  keep goin mate
martha:  cider???
AlJolson:  wowww
AlJolson:  no
martha:  is it??
AlJolson:  Luke’s recycled home brew
martha:  oh no
martha:  this song
Emma:  Better song…..
martha:  blondie
Emma:  lol
martha:  heart of glass
martha:  noe oldie
AlJolson:  Next stop: 1977.
martha:  like this
AlJolson:  This sounds gay
martha:  it is lol
AlJolson:  This is the sort of music that gays used to bugger themselves with
martha:  you should know
guest919:  lmao
AlJolson:  Many a case of HIV was contracted with Blondie in the background
Emma:  lol wtf Luke
AlJolson:  oh zap
Emma:  lol
guest919:  I AM HE_MAN
Emma:  lol
martha:  yeah wotever lol
martha:  oh listen to those groans lol
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AlJolson:  We are the enablers of this man’s life
martha:  put some new music on#
AlJolson:  But for us, he would either kill himself or make something of himself
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martha:  six pack
AlJolson:  Play "Afternoon Delight"
guest924:  excuse me for asking, but what the f**k’s going on here like?
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martha:  do you ever tidy up it looks like a bomb site behind you
guest919:  lol
guest919:  ask luke
Emma:  lol 92
Emma:  4
martha:  this is the moral leader performing lol
AlJolson:  This is a Jew, exercising
martha:  it’s fun
AlJolson:  Bottles of his own urine in each hand
guest924:  I daren’t
martha:  yeah
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martha:  sit down now u scaring us lol
martha:  steady on
AlJolson:  Somehow, I don’t think Arnold Swartzennegar got his start this way
guest919:  omg he dyin
guest924:  nice moves
martha:  yes lol
martha:  i think you look hot
guest924:  tell me how the f**k this can benefit anyone ffs?
martha:  take your shirt off lol
guest919:  ahhhh workin out is that what ya call it
Emma:  Martha?
Emma:  lol
martha:  now wheres he gone ??
guest924:  he’s off his tits
guest919:  924 it has to me
martha:  hi Emma#
Emma:  hello lol
martha:  how u doin?
guest919:  im doin it rite now as i type
Emma:  Grand ta
Emma:  You?
martha:  it’s good harmless fun winding him up of course lol
guest924:  it’s made me wanna go for a s**t
AlJolson:  Do any of the women here find themselves oddly attracted to the package before them?  Be honest now
martha:  yes cool
guest919:  lol
martha:  no
guest924:  and that’s just the music ffs
martha:  def not
martha:  lol
guest926:  lol 924
martha:  lol
AlJolson:  I say you are, for why else would you be here?
martha:  wots he bloody doin now?
AlJolson:  You want to mother him
martha:  nope lol
AlJolson:  I don’t like this voice
AlJolson:  Who is this?
martha:  could destroy his music collection though
guest919:  olivia
AlJolson:  This is seventies music.
martha:  yes
guest924:  you got any harpo marx mate?

guest931:  LUKE love see you soon  xxxxxxx
guest931:  night night
guest919:  luke ur scaring me
AlJolson:  NEWS FLASH:  Michael Jackson is the Bee’s Knees
guest919:  lol
guest931:  send me a kiss please!!!
Emma:  lmao!
guest919:  oh he waves like the queen
guest926:  lol
Emma:  lol
guest919:  luke wave
guest931:  NO HE DOESNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
martha:  wot have i missed
guest919:  ahhh luke waved….and no much else
guest919:  ahhh i think he farted….had a strange look on his face
guest924:  you’re zooming in and out like an autistic savant rocks back and forth luke
guest924:  should I make associations here?
guest919:  lol
Emma:  lol he is loving this
Emma:  lol
guest919:  931…….are u his mum
guest931:  JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guest924:  too right 931, he should take more notice of you…….say, you made a paypal donation to him yet?
guest919:  lmao
guest926:  lol
guest919:  mummy…….
guest931:  NO
guest924:  you sure 931?
guest919:  luke ur mas here
guest919:  hi Mrs Ford
guest931:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guest924:  no s**t 919
guest931:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guest924:  you wanna nuture him 931?
guest924:  nurture*
guest924:  sorry, was going for ‘torture’ and I typoed
guest919:  awwww….put him on the tit
guest919:  lol
guest926:  lol
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guest924:  so luke, how many asbestos chips do you eat a day?
guest919:  lmfao
AlJolson:  It’s his wife
guest919:  yeah…like …like …yeah
guest924:  tell us how you made the transgression from hollywood pornographic interveiwer to Judaism luke
AlJolson:  He is so dismissive of her
Emma:  lol
AlJolson:  Just because she is Mexican
Emma:  LOL luke
guest931:  OF LUKE????
guest919:  awww see 931 he is taken
guest924:  natural career progression huh?
AlJolson:  I’m NOT taken
AlJolson:  I’m fully available and I’m allman
AlJolson:  I don’t normally listen to this sort of music
guest924:  is that like Islam al?
guest919:  luke who were u chattin to
Emma:  Its raining men lmao
guest924:  whoever it is, they got his back to him 919
guest919:  cool AL send me a pic
guest924:  and he to us in turn
guest924:  s**t rolls down hill you know
AlJolson:  See, I’m a real man
guest919:  OMG hes GAY
guest924:  he does look kinda happy, I grant you that
AlJolson:  Luke is on some special pills these days.
guest919:  931 u said that 20 mins ago
guest919:  just go
guest924:  you think al?
AlJolson:  I know so
guest924:  no s**t
guest924:  me too
Emma:  Air guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlJolson:  And they are not the kind you can buy in a store
guest931:  GIVE ME A KISS GOOD NIGHT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlJolson:  XXXXX
guest919:  omg help me im dancin to this song ….i cant help it
guest931:  OR SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlJolson:  Whenever Luke and I go on the down – low, this is the song we dance to
guest919:  leave him alone 931
guest924:  this is a gay anthem for sure
guest931:  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlJolson:  Can this music get any gayer?  I say no
guest919:  i bet 931 is amanda
Emma:  lol 931
AlJolson:  931 is a GUY
AlJolson:  If we had been listening to more cowboy music back then, the Mexicans never would have dared invade
guest919:  amanda is a stalker on camstreams
guest926:  lol
Emma:  lol 931 are you feeling ok hunny?
guest919:  luke just do what 931 wants the they will piss off
AlJolson:  I want to hear the Song of the Volga Boatmen
guest919:  pleaseeeeeee
guest926:  brb
AlJolson:  This music is why Western Man needs Viagra to do what comes naturally to the Black Man
guest924:  so tell me something luke, how come your pic om the main page is of you twenty years ago?
guest931:  GO ON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
DoooDaaa:  whats the matter with ur cam…keeps zooming in and out
AlJolson:  I can explain that
Emma:  lol doodaa
guest919:  lol
AlJolson:  The cam is attached to his private parts and responds in synch with them
guest919:  hehe
DoooDaaa:  ahhh

theactualgiajordan:  luke, did u get candy for purim?
LukesBiggestFan:  omg im dancin again….help me
guest924:  I feel like the shoe shine guy off Police Squad
AntipodeanLuvver:  Howard Jones does this to me every time
Fischel:  EVERYONE: Watch this while you can:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7d9_1206624103
Fischel:  Luke, check out that documentary. It is pretty amazing stuff.
Fischel:  It’s by a Dutch group warning against the Islamization of Europe.
Fischel:  It has it all – quotes from the Koran, beheadings, etc.
YourMoralLeader:  cool
Fischel:  This goes to your predicament in life.  While you blog, they breed; and while you preach, well nothing serious, they work towards your doom.
YourMorelLeader:  Rockin’ w/Luke
YourMorelLeader:  nice sandals
DiscoDuck:  Ground control to Major Tom
YourMorelLeader:  trainwreck
YourImperfectImperfection:  Luke put on some more cheery music!
YourMorelLeader:  3-d house of luke
YourMorelLeader:  oh ja
DiscoDuck:  hearing yml say that with his accent a litlte drunk is funny
guest666:  Junior High music
DiscoDuck:  Ground control to Major Tom
guest666:  This is so depressing
YourMorelLeader:  does he have a close-n-play phonograph or something?
DiscoDuck:  he has a walkman
YourMorelLeader:  good lord
guest666:  Martian music
DiscoDuck:  wtf is wrong with him today
DiscoDuck:  ?!
guest666:  This music inspires the Saracen to cut our throats
YourMorelLeader:  chemical imbalance
YourMorelLeader:  let’s send Luke to Baghdad
DiscoDuck:  he looks very testy
YourMorelLeader:  we need his leadership
DiscoDuck:  we should go out for a drink after mincha
YourMorelLeader:  then frum sex
DiscoDuck:  he’s not married that I know of
YourMorelLeader:  not since TMFR
DiscoDuck:  bravo
DiscoDuck:  take a bow
YourMorelLeader:  hokey schomels
YourMorelLeader:  major luke
DiscoDuck:  ROFLMAO
DiscoDuck:  taylor raine that shiksa?
YourMorelLeader:  did you comsumate the marraige?
YourMorelLeader:  sorry about the spelling
guest666:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7d9_1206624103
QuietStorm:  Hello Luke
DiscoDuck:  I know I have been swamped at work
YourMorelLeader:  good thing that you still have your penis
guest666:  Shiksas are for practice
QuietStorm:  How are you today Luke?
DiscoDuck:  blie neder I’ll send the review soon
YourMorelLeader:  this is your next wife Luke
YourMorelLeader:  http://www.cam4.com/sweeteva
YourMorelLeader:  what kind of cam is that?
YourMorelLeader:  it’s like porn cam qualit
guest666:  contextless laughter
YourMorelLeader:  hot cha
YourMorelLeader:  laughing like Rasputin
Luke Ford the mad monk
DiscoDuck:  It’s going to be of an Orthodox Shul in the SFV
YourMorelLeader:  or whatever they call a Jewish monk
QuietStorm:  Luke, why is your cam still moving in and out?
guest666:  Because it goes in and out and in and out
YourMorelLeader:  he’s zooming
DiscoDuck:  why were you at sharey Tzedek? visiting for a simcha?
DiscoDuck:  have you been back?
YourMorelLeader:  sweet eva 2008
YourMorelLeader:  http://www.cam4.com/sweeteva
DiscoDuck:  wash your hands
YourMorelLeader:  is this where he slaughters a gentile baby?
YourMorelLeader:  amen
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DiscoDuck:  amen
Emma:  lol
YourMorelLeader:  you are scaring me
YourMorelLeader:  let’s eat
DiscoDuck:  that is an evil drug induced laugh
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DiscoDuck:  motzie!
DiscoDuck:  rewash without a bracha
YourMorelLeader:  I wish that I was recording this
DiscoDuck:  NOW!
YourMorelLeader:  ramen
guest666:  Inshallah!
DiscoDuck:  almond
DiscoDuck:  rewash since you talked
User guest666 left the room.
YourMorelLeader:  time to leave the hovel
DiscoDuck:  morel leader is a posek (chas v’shalom) and that is how he rules
DiscoDuck:  yml there is a dispute regarding the rewashing
DiscoDuck:  the MB mentions that if the individual was careful with his hands ie:didn’t contaminate them he doesn’t need to rewash

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I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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