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An Orthodox Jew looks at refinance from a Torah perspective.

An Orthodox Jew looks at YouTube from a Torah perspective.

guest9:  youre boring
guest8:  iam in agreement, just loving himself  ONLY MORAL ANYTHING MY ASS.
guest14:  whats on your head if you dont mind me asking
YourMoralLeader:  yarmulka
guest14:  what is that
guest14:  did you hurt yourself
guest14:  did you see a dr
guest14:  why you not talk
guest14:  why are you on then
guest14:  you look sad
guest14:  cheerup love
guest14:  are you married
guest14:  do you have kids
YourMoralLeader:  no, no

guest14:  hey he talks
guest14:  nice smile
guest15:  you may have kids…..  ๐Ÿ™‚
guest14:  i have lots of kids
guest16:  lol u got hairclips in
guest14:  i think he has a sore head
guest14:  dont look so sad
guest15:  vodka?
guest14:  whats up love tell mammy
guest15:  pensive
guest15:  cheers
guest14:  slanti
YourMoralLeader:  just hard at work editing video
guest14:  dont worry be happy
guest14:  longer dead than alive
guest15:  what’s the video?
guest14:  what video
YourMoralLeader:  it’ll be on my youtube site /lukeisback
guest15:  Luke do you have your costume yet?
guest15:  Are you wearing it ?
YourMoralLeader:  not yet
YourMoralLeader:  any suggestions?
guest18:  what’s up womanizer
guest15:  go as spitzer
YourMoralLeader:  yo dog
guest15:  in drag
guest14:  luke you look so handsom on your web site
guest15:  make that bathroom break in 45
guest14:  what happened
guest18:  r u for real? someone told me about this place and i had to see it for myself. Bet Rabbi . doesn’t know abnout it YET.
YourMoralLeader:  i got infected by torah
ChaimAmalek:  Bear Stearns has gone under.
ChaimAmalek:  I dark day for the Mick race that sank it.
guest19:  oh no another one bites the big one
ChaimAmalek:  OK, that was not quite accurate a comment
guest18:  ger tzedek? doubtful.
ChaimAmalek:  Criminty, this bank had survived the Great Depression.

ChaimAmalek:  The dollar is sinking, Luke I urge you to put all of your money into euros
guest15:  what money?
ChaimAmalek:  His wife’s money
guest14:  what money
ChaimAmalek:  She’s loaded
guest19:  no doubt
guest18:  how many women left the shul this week because of you?
guest14:  he cant even afford a hair cut or shave
guest18:  not smiling now r we?
guest15:  I came to shul for you ๐Ÿ™‚
ChaimAmalek:  The dude is looking at his stocks on the Tokyo exchange.  He’s busy.
ChaimAmalek:  I keep telling young shiksas that I can do for them what Elliot Spitzer did for that woman
ChaimAmalek:  I’ve asked this before and I will ask it again – who are you guests?
ChaimAmalek:  What is your interest in this chat room?
YourMoralLeader:  do you guys give to homeless bums on street?
ChaimAmalek:  I should, as I shall soon be among them
guest15:  give what?
ChaimAmalek:  shekels
ChaimAmalek:  cesef
guest15:  food from mamash!
ChaimAmalek:  But not dollars.
ChaimAmalek:  Euros are better
ChaimAmalek:  I just don’t see why guys like us are not rich
ChaimAmalek:  There must be some way of getting rich off of spending time in a chat room
ChaimAmalek:  I’m thinking of starting a virtual brothel
YourMoralLeader:  teach torah like me and take paypal donations
guest15:  or steal cereal
ChaimAmalek:  I am too modest and ignorant a Jew for that.
guest23:  i make about $3000 a month on my website
ChaimAmalek:  Plus th Jews here think they know everything
YourMoralLeader:  which site?
ChaimAmalek:  what sort of website?
ChaimAmalek:  Can I make money off of my bloggin?
ChaimAmalek:  It was always my dream to charge beautiful women money to have sex with me, but that too, has neverhappened
ChaimAmalek:  I know nothing about tech crap
ChaimAmalek:  All I know about is how irritating my neighbors are when the enter Zabars
ChaimAmalek:  The NY Post is reporting that when he was govenro, New Jersey’s Gov McGreevey was having threesome with his wife and some dude
ChaimAmalek:  What is this world coming to?
YourMoralLeader:  that’s edgy
ChaimAmalek:  So corrupt, yet so little in it for me
ChaimAmalek:  Makes me ill
ChaimAmalek:  I swear, all these nimrods are proving why it is good to be the governor.  Because that’s how to get laid.
ChaimAmalek:  Luke, I would like to see that beard grow to Taliban proportions
ChaimAmalek:  Wild, unkempt
ChaimAmalek:  Unibomberish
ChaimAmalek:  Also, wear a long long overcoat to shul
guest15:  and a gartel
ChaimAmalek:  And when you walk down the street, do so with a scowl on your face and a huge tallit gadol wrapped around yourself.
YourMoralLeader:  will do
ChaimAmalek:  And get yourself some rabbinical nerd glasses, but just the frames.
ChaimAmalek:  That will teach those people to mess with you
ChaimAmalek:  And, just to show you know the meaning of fences in Torah Town, put teffillim on EACH arm and WEAR THEM ALL DAY
ChaimAmalek:  Never go anywhere without a huge lulav to wave at people
guest15:  he’s got a huge lulav
ChaimAmalek:  Have the phrase "G-d’s Torah Wagon" painted along the side of your van
ChaimAmalek:  Once that full long beard has come in, you can be a new man
ChaimAmalek:  Tell people you are a PaleoOrthodox Jew
YourMoralLeader:  I will follow and I will understand.
ChaimAmalek:  Stand in parking lots where Jews hang out, and spread the word of God
ChaimAmalek:  Can anyone hear him?  I cannot
guest15:  nope silent but deadly
guest31:  no he is not tlaking
ChaimAmalek:  Also, you need to distribute your own LUke Ford brand of pushkas around town, to collect charity
guest31:  Some one put a pump in him
ChaimAmalek:  Just drop them off places, and wait for the money to roll in
guest15:  CA, you’ve got some really gr8 ideas here!
ChaimAmalek:  Declare that you are friend to the Brown, the Black, the White, and the Yellow, too
guest31:  what are you talking about Luke
ChaimAmalek:  Shmuly Boteach is done.
ChaimAmalek:  I saw a talk by Richard Dawkins the other night.
ChaimAmalek:  At the EthicalSociety on the UWS
ChaimAmalek:  Few hot shiksas, some but they were all taken
ChaimAmalek:  Really quite a smug guy
ChaimAmalek:  Luke, you can do better.
ChaimAmalek:  "God Talks To Me and This is What He Says" by Levi Ford
ChaimAmalek:  Self ordination is the way to go.
ChaimAmalek:  You will have so many fertile women coming after you that I will be content with the leftovers
User guest28 left the room.
guest31:  Moral leader from hell
ChaimAmalek:  You cannot call yourself a moralleader, not if you want to be one;
guest31:  Spider is the new world leader
ChaimAmalek:  call yourself . . . the Hollywoodishcer Rebbe
ChaimAmalek:  The Saucy Aussie who preaches to the Godless pagans of Brentwood
ChaimAmalek:  Grow in the beard, dress as advised, all will work out for you
ChaimAmalek:  I want to be your second in commad.
ChaimAmalek:  I want to handle the donations
guest31:  ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ???????.
ChaimAmalek:  And I want to protect you from all the women who will come by
ChaimAmalek:  So that yu can concentrate on the Holy Word of the AllMighty Lord God in Heaven Above etc.
UseAglassYouCaveman:  if you’re second, chaim, then you can take over the ministry when YML resigns in a sex scandal
ChaimAmalek:  ahem….
YourMoralLeader:  I believe!
YourMoralLeader:  Bring moshiach now!
ChaimAmalek:  Even so, there will be redemption
YourMoralLeader:  all jews, do a mitzvah!
guest31:  ??? ???? Aussie ???? ???? ?? ??? godless ???????? ??
ChaimAmalek:  I see thse Moshiach NOW vans , caravans of them really, in midtown.  A shanda
YourMoralLeader:  are cams against the torah?
ChaimAmalek:  Crappy drivers, all of them
UseAglassYouCaveman:  oh he has a mug already!
ChaimAmalek:  Luke needs for his wife to kick him in the arse to act on these notions of mine
ChaimAmalek:  What kind of women lets her man spend his days on the toilet of the internet?
guest31:  ??? ?????? ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ????. ??? ?????? ?? ???. ??? ????? ????? camstreams
UseAglassYouCaveman:  one that doesn’t exist, I’ll bet
YourMoralLeader:  I’m about to start my work out
YourMoralLeader:  then I’ll come back and sing some carlebach
ChaimAmalek:  Nobody can hear you
guest31:  Moral leader can you anser this ??? ?????? ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ????. ??? ?????? ?? ???. ??? ????? ????? camstreams
ChaimAmalek:  Put the sound on and sing while you work out
guest31:  U bent een ezel voor het bellen van uw zelfvertrouwen een leider. U bent een leider niet een ding. Wet Thing regels camstreams
ChaimAmalek:  I would feel better about being here if one of you would pretend to be an attractive woman
guest15:  i don’t have to pretend
guest30:  lol
guest31:  ok I’m 36 26 38
YourMoralLeader:  I’m huge with hot chix
guest31:  in french
ChaimAmalek:  Because if we are just a bunch of penis-carrying dorks gathered here to watch some dude watch us type, what does that make us?
guest31:  Vous sucer mon Cook
UseAglassYouCaveman:  geeks
guest30:  p**cks
guest31:  ok
UseAglassYouCaveman:  dateless?
guest31:  θα μου πιπιλιζουν Κουκ
UseAglassYouCaveman:  desperate for entertainment?
ChaimAmalek:  the guys who sank Bear Stearns are filthy rich and having sex with 10,000 hookers, and I can’t even get lucky on Craigslist
guest31:  geek for will you suck my cook
guest31:  θα μου πιπιλιζουν Κουκ
UseAglassYouCaveman:  that’s because your ads suck
ChaimAmalek:  I answer them
ChaimAmalek:  I tried placing them but never got a real answer, so I write to these women
ChaimAmalek:  Briefly, it worked, but that was maybe a year ago
guest31:  do it in french
guest31:  her eye are love
ChaimAmalek:  Back in the day of the Nerve Personals, I had hope.  That too, is long gone
guest31:  Ses yeux sont amour
UseAglassYouCaveman:  I got over 200 responses to my last ad on CL
ChaimAmalek:  what was the ad for?
UseAglassYouCaveman:  me ๐Ÿ™‚
guest31:  sex
guest31:  ?
ChaimAmalek:  but if you write an ad in the W4M section, you are guaranteed to get hundreds of responses
ChaimAmalek:  No matter what you write
guest30:  sex whats that lol
User guest15 left the room.
UseAglassYouCaveman:  put it in the ltr section
guest31:  lol
guest31:  com sex
ChaimAmalek:  I did that, no matter
ChaimAmalek:  I tried that too
ChaimAmalek:  I tried every section except m4m
guest31:  o lord
UseAglassYouCaveman:  well, it’s good for free, unsolicited porn, anyway
YourMoralLeader:  Have you read THE GAME?
guest31:  pump the crap out of that add
ChaimAmalek:  I cannot afford such nareshkeit
ChaimAmalek:  Also, I am thinking of joining the Scientologists and would, except that they really don’t want the penniless
guest31:  Je ne peux pas se permettre de telles nareshkeit
ChaimAmalek:  Every day is Yom Kippur when you try to join the Scientologists
ChaimAmalek:  They offer no forgiveness for the poor
guest31:  Aussi, je pense à l’adhésion à l’scientologues et serait, sauf qu’ils ne voulez vraiment pas le sou
ChaimAmalek:  I’ll say this for the shvartzes – you don’t often see them in Scientology

Juno1st:  Juggling?….a barrel roll please?….perhaps a look at that jug o yellow ‘tea’…good that you are smiling
Juno1st:  Cmon Luc, pay your streaming bill so we can see a Tanned Moral Leader in action, like Batman
Juno1st:  OK we can see your sweaty face….
Juno1st:  your face is tanned, your hands pale…michael jackson gloves are serving you well
Juno1st:  Luc we pay you a fortune…WE EXPECT RESULTS guests 45 and 46 will back me up on this
Juno1st:  How loyal is guest2, hanging in there like a Trooper, I thought I was loyal
Juno1st:  easy to type lol, but Luc, we are not SEEING the LOL on your unshaven slovenly face!!!  C’MAWN
Juno1st:  The calm look of a serial killer is upon you as per unusual…is guest two an auntie or somesuch?

DovBearStern:  Shalom chaverim!
DovBearStern:  Vas machen sie?
YourMoralLeader:  greetings
DovBearStern:  Iche heisse DovBear
DovBearStern:  Bist du Yid?
User guest46 left the room.
DovBearStern:  Heisse frauen?
DovBearStern:  Jungishe meidele?
YourMoralLeader:  I’ve made $17 off adsense today
DovBearStern:  Ich bin yungerman
Juno1st:  Luc we just lost guest46, WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW???
DovBearStern:  Damn Luke, you are swimming in money
DovBearStern:  How many hours a day do you spend bloggin?
YourMoralLeader:  6
DovBearStern:  OK, so that comes to less than $3 per hour
DovBearStern:  Mexicans won’t blog for that kind of money
DovBearStern:  Now will Cambodian refugees work for that kind of money

RabbiGadolofManhattan:  you know she is insincere
guest50:  this is not her assistant
guest50:  we’re talking about the the wife of the dead leader
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  that lesbian arabess?  She’s hot.
guest50:  the one that wants all jews dead, remember her?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  McCain might fall over at any time
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Plus, as he admits, he knows very little to nothing about economics
guest50:  actually, cindy mccain is gorgeous btw
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Yeah, hot second wife
guest50:  she’s gorg
GROVER:  hi leader was up man?
Juno1st:  Luc save the world by giving us a barrel roll, set up the web cam, stuntman style…
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Israel is not the main issue in this election
YourMoralLeader:  yo
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  America is not going to vote for this or that person based on their policies towards Israel
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  The economy will come first
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Then Iraq, immigration, and for some, abortion
GROVER:  u sick of these crazy americians yet leader?
guest50:  hillary an suha arafat
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  What if it turned out that Obama and Hillary were both on the down low?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Imagine what a fun convention that would be
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  She is old news… widow of a dead killer who got invited to the White House by a bunch of former presidents
Juno1st:  Luc…audio of your calls to Dennis….get to it….teach DP a lesson !!  Or are you too busy cleaning up the bookshelfs in your hovel!!
YourMoralLeader:  must do that
Juno1st:  Don’t let us get in your way…51 guests and all of them bored!
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Clinton/Obama….or Obama/Clinton?
guest50:  manhattan – so you don’t care?
guest50:  about the jews
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Don’t care about what?
guest50:  or israel?
guest50:  you are slow
guest50:  talking about mccain being old, you are SUPER SLOW yourself
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I do not equate a vote in this election for caring about the jews.  I vote primarliy out of concern for my country and my people, which is the USA
GROVER:  f politics i bet most of u dont even know how 2 vote
guest50:  f obama
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I am not running for high office
guest50:  f hitlery
Juno1st:  Should I pencil in Luc or Mitt in the election of lamest duck in the world of streaming cams…it will take us time to forgive you Lukster!
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  See, this is where you folks lose it.  Hillary is not Hitler
guest51:  2012 will be here soon enough
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Pencil in AMALEK as your leader
guest50:  /me tolls eyes
guest50:  you’re lame amalek
guest50:  and old
guest51:  whats the grinding noise
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I am walking with a crutch these days, and I am old.  How old are YOU, Guest50?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Luke, how old is this person?
GROVER:  can u press x on the diebold machine/
guest50:  old enough to still be trying for a baby
User guest52 ( entered the room.
User guest52 left the room.
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I hope you prevail over nature
Juno1st:  Anyone live close to Luc, someone needs to spray him with some ice cold water, wake him the hell up…ANYONE…maybe Lara Roxx or Marc Wallace???
guest50:  young enough to swim every day
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  If you need some sperm, I stand ready, willing and able to help out
guest50:  ew
guest50:  I’m married
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  My semen does not care
guest51:  is that the satanomenter playing
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  And while I am rotund, my semen is svelte
guest50:  that’s bc you have a rapist mentality
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I offer you life, not rape
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I need not even meet you to inseminate you
guest50:  you are offering mental rape and harassment
guest50:  sex harassment
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  this is a chat room
GROVER:  press x on the diebold machine and you vote 4 bush again
guest50:  that’s mental rape
guest50:  and it’s sex harassment
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  first you liken Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler, then me to a rapist
guest50:  if we were offline, I’d file charges against you
Juno1st:  Every time it gets too hot here, Luc will turn to his books, playboy for the interviews you understand…I demand a refund Luc…what is the delay on the visuals…30 seconds?
guest50:  sex harassment charges
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  This is why the Jewish Secular Woman has failed the Jewish people
guest50:  who says I’m secular?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  She has spent too many hours concerning herself with things that she should not, like politics
guest51:  you can prolly still file
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  In your early years, I am guessing that you were secualr
guest50:  I should file againt amalek
guest51:  find a nice jewish lawyer
guest50:  lol
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I will be my own lawyer
guest50:  how about spitzer?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  See, now he proved not to be good for the Jews
GROVER:  we had enough clintons and we dont need a feeble old  general
guest50:  but he was a tard – wanted licenses for illegal aliens
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Far worse than Hillary Clinton
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  ALL of these candidates want to further Mexico’s invasion of America.
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Obama, McCain,
guest51:  the americo is coming
guest50:  the republicans are the only ones that can save america
guest50:  bc they’re the only ones against the invasion
guest50:  I’m NOT talking about mccain
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  at least Hillary acknowledges that this invasion occasions economic dislocation for black people
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  At least Hillary has a plan for universalhealth care
guest50:  but mccain is better than hillary and obama at this point
YourMoralLeader:  I agree with NJG
guest50:  on that issue
guest50:  ty Luke
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  ANd he wants to possibly make war on Iran
GROVER:  its  st paddys day rabbi no clintons allowed
guest50:  Iran is seriously messed up
guest50:  that guy wants to elminate all jews
guest50:  is that what you want amalek?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  More wars, more illegals, more giant sucking sound of our industry fleeing for China and Mexico.  That’s not a compelling election platform
guest50:  you’d be the first to go
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I think I’d be no. 234 to go
guest50:  it would take them a while to find me, since i’m rather a lighter haired blue eyed extremely fair skinned jewish girl
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I’m swarthy, rotund, have hairy palms and eat bagels
guest50:  that’s right
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  All they need do is target H&H bagels
guest50:  lol
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I’m a Jew’s Jew.
guest50:  my parents were too
guest51:  we have no more money for war our people are homeless and no work and no health care
guest50:  I’m a throwback to the blonde jews
GROVER:  bill the secret rockfella clinton has  mfinally met his match

RabbiGadolofManhattan:  At least Hillary has a plan for universalhealth care
guest50:  but mccain is better than hillary and obama at this point
YourMoralLeader:  I agree with NJG
guest50:  on that issue
guest50:  ty Luke
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  ANd he wants to possibly make war on Iran
GROVER:  its  st paddys day rabbi no clintons allowed
guest50:  Iran is seriously messed up
guest50:  that guy wants to elminate all jews
guest50:  is that what you want amalek?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  More wars, more illegals, more giant sucking sound of our industry fleeing for China and Mexico.  That’s not a compelling election platform
guest50:  you’d be the first to go
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I think I’d be no. 234 to go
guest50:  it would take them a while to find me, since i’m rather a lighter haired blue eyed extremely fair skinned jewish girl
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I’m swarthy, rotund, have hairy palms and eat bagels
guest50:  that’s right
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  All they need do is target H&H bagels
guest50:  lol
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I’m a Jew’s Jew.
guest50:  my parents were too
guest51:  we have no more money for war our people are homeless and no work and no health care
guest50:  I’m a throwback to the blonde jews
GROVER:  bill the secret rockfella clinton has  mfinally met his match
guest51:  we have gone well into the past
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  America is not up for going to war with Iran, not even if such were to serve Israel’s strategic needs
guest50:  but you know Lauren Bacall was a light haired blue eyed fair skinned jewish girl
guest51:  and are on a collision with the past at high speed now
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Why are these Jewish women so proud of looking like shiksas?
GROVER:  israel is  a war mongering country
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  It is as if they had internalized Nazi propaganda
guest50:  what about scarlett johannsen?
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Is her mother Jewish?
guest50:  I think you have a really good point amalek
guest50:  yes
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Most Jews look like me.
guest50:  her mother is a dark haired dark eyed jewish woman with olive skin
guest51:  the human instinct is to take this is all species
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Shorter than the goyim, swarthier than the Albanian
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  That’s me
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Dark, furtive hooded eyes, a stoop, thick legs
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  lots of body hair
Juno1st:  No yawning on the job, Ford….Lucs looking like Elvis from a certain angle
guest51:  we dont really give unless something in it ,self
guest50:  I dunno amalek, there’s a percentage that don’t look "jewish"
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  President Hillary Rodham Clinton.
guest50:  or as jewish, but jewish in the light jewish way
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RabbiGadolofManhattan:  She’s rising from the Dead to Defeat the Obama
guest50:  doesn’t matter amalek
Juno1st:  Luc you just scared off guest 53….any guilt?
guest50:  what matters is PA is going to go red
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  But why do the Jews who don’t look Jewish take such pride in that?
guest50:  and Ohio will be red
YourMoralLeader:  repent!
guest50:  and Florida will be red
guest50:  and that will be …that, President McCain
YourMoralLeader:  the Kingdom of G-d is at hand
guest50:  amalek, I don’t know, but you know
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  The worst thing you can say to a Jewish woman in New York or W Hollywood is that she looks Jewish.  She’d rather be told that she looks like a shiksa prostitute
Juno1st:  Kingdom of L-c is at foot!
guest50:  everyone is dark really
guest51:  the take religion including take in heaven is a limited belief with people without religious guilt
guest50:  so it’s great when there’s light haired people and light eyed people
guest50:  we’re cool
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  A racially biased comment
GROVER:  the problem with u people is u dont see the big picture / look at the solar system/ and the universe/ look at how short life is/ wake up you small minded fools
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  As the Negro cannot have naturally blond or red hair or blue or green eyes
guest51:  the original people ate as the apes
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Nor, for that matter, vcan the manchurian

Juno1st:  Luc at least throw the football around…you are like kosher paint…drying
guest50:  wait there are red AA’s and green eyed AA’s and blue eyed AAs
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Say what you will about her, the world will come to fear President ClintonII
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  She will get things done
guest50:  she won’t e elected amalek
guest50:  read rasmussen
UseAglassYouCaveman:  I believe the world already does fear her
GROVER:  i guess you cant change a donkey into an ass
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I want a president whom the rest of the world fears
guest51:  use a looking glass and show your belief to
User guest54 left the room.
guest50:  I planted some more cilantro on my balcony today
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  If she can somehow defeat Obama – and that is not certain – McCain should go down on her too
Juno1st:  Guest54 left when Luc was just starting to toss the ball around…shucks
UseAglassYouCaveman:  oh no you didn’t just say that
guest50:  amalek doesn’t know what he’s talking about
guest50:  he loves Hitlery
Juno1st:  Guest56 – hello…let’s get Luc to do something more visual than just sitting there
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Rabbi Gadol knows what he is talkiing about
guest50:  hi June 1st
guest50:  I can’t see Luke, not that it matters
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I sense sexual tension in the air between guest50 and Hillary Clinton
Juno1st:  Smiling is not enough….hello guest50….we lost the last 46…oh well!
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Also, I am censoring myself because I want you to be happy in life
Juno1st:  Now a dour, watchfull look….oh dear oh dear (lost in space reference)
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  As a man, I know that I must treat women with kid gloves
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  At least until they, like Hillary, have gone through the change in life.  Then they become thefunctional equivalent of men and can take it
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  It is in the Talmud
Juno1st:  The football looked cool, it spun in the air and froze….are we all STALKERS??  And with that Slash has abandoned us
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I like this NJG – very feisty
Juno1st:  No one generates more enter-exit than Luc….wearing jail stripes tonight…anything you need to confess about Luc  ???
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  I love Hillary Clinton.  There, I said it.
GROVER:  u watching the rugby game leader
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  She would be perfect.
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Smart, tough, and married to a real macher.
Juno1st:  Luc your beard has three colors!!!  ???  Listen to Prager…don’t take on his hair color…
GROVER:  remember i told u i was psychic
YourMoralLeader:  video editing
Juno1st:  OMG he got off his behind….this is like a lunar eclipse…!! unmolested look at the hovel…that’s what I said…whoever it is, they have patience!!
guest60:  Shoot, I wanted to be blinded by stripes
BlindedByStripes:  it’s tough being me
Juno1st:  that looks like an apple laptop on the box, IT is guest2…that explains a lot
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  Imagine, a woman in the White House!
guest60:  That explains everything
guest60:  Luke’s mystery is gone
RabbiGadolofManhattan:  It was a gift from Holly
Juno1st:  See the glowing apple, he has upped and left, bored HIMSELF off his own stream
guest60:  How very personal
Juno1st:  Maybe he is actually shaving that beard,  oh well….no….
BlindedByStripes:  Now maybe a woman will be sitting at the desk in the oval office instead of hiding under it

guest68:  Says that they shall understand the lovingkindness of HaShem
GROVER:  thats not a compliment is it 68
YourMoralLeader:  what ru doing in china?
guest68:  Teaching English
GROVER:  ur in china 68?
guest68:  learning Chinese massage and moxibustion
guest68:  Yes
guest68:  I work in a friend’s massage clinic
GROVER:  sure and im in tibet teaching
guest68:  Moxibustion is quite an art.
GROVER:  where in china r u
User guest69 left the room.
guest68:  Use compressed herbs that have been ignited to focus heat on certain points of the body
guest68:  Henan, central China
GROVER:  u frm usa?
guest68:  My personality disorder made working in the States difficult
guest68:  Yes. Born and raised in Los Angeles
YourMoralLeader:  so your journey to china has been a good thing
GROVER:  personaliity disorder?
YourMoralLeader:  what type of personality disorder?
YourMoralLeader:  i’ve got narcissism!
guest68:  Yes, being in China has been good for me
GROVER:  whats narcism
guest68:  Well, I suppose I’m a bit narcissistic
guest68:  But it’s an improvement over being paranoid schizophrenic
YourMoralLeader:  whoa
YourMoralLeader:  heavy
guest68:  Or as one SDA psychiatrist said years ago to me, "You’re a psychopath."
GROVER:  ur a narc u work for the cpos in china
YourMoralLeader:  ur an SDA?

guest68:  No, but I worked for the cops in California
GROVER:  thats even worse u could be cia
guest68:  An XSDA, formerly an Adventist
guest68:  My aunt was the niece of D.M. Canright
guest68:  Her father was D. M. Canright’s brother
guest68:  Yes, Have you heard of him?
GROVER:  yes
guest68:  I’d prefer to be on the sea, truth be told
GROVER:  time goes fast on the sea
guest68:  Here I must spend my leisure time, of which I have plenty, playing with swords
guest68:  The sea is great. When I was in Hainan recently, snorkelling, I saw a lion fish in its natural environment
guest68:  I had only seen them in salt water aquariums before
GROVER:  i have a tendency not to believe anyone from california
guest68:  Hainan is the southernmost point of China, a tropical island
guest68:  If you go to youtube and search for the videos posted by kayaker 61, you can see for yourself

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