Mamash Bites The Dust

It’s over. MAMASH IS HISTORY. It’s closed tonight.

That’s the second of two great new upscale Kosher restaurants that have closed in the past few weeks after Prime Grill recently shuttered its doors and has now been sold to a non-kosher operator.

"It’s a combination of poor service and mediocre food" says a kosher restaurant maven.

The building is owned by the Markowitz family (of Factors Deli fame) who will no doubt find another way to put the facility to profitable use.

Plans for the use of the rest of the building are still up in the air after Teichman’s Jewelers received notice to vacate their store which is right next to Mamash.

That leaves Pats and Shilos as the two remaining upscale kosher restaurants in town – with the new Delice restaurant being currently opened and added to the list.

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