I’m Not Doing Anything Obscene On My Webcam

I was just checking myself out on my webcam. My face was strained and all screwed up before a happy release. I was rocking in my chair. It looked obscene because you couldn’t see the weights I was working out just below the camera line. That’s all it is, folks. Just a healthy manly workout like Bill Murray washing golf balls in Caddyshack.

I have My Moral Leader, a very great sage from the East, in my chat room now.

guest135:  Um, I’m new here. But I like it – it’s like a candlelight dinner at your place, without the candlelight or dinner.
At least the Valley Village chabad rabbi is interesting to listen to. The new guy at Shaarey Zedek is a standard issue frummie, not very learned or much of a thinker. The shul is dull.

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