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Rabbi Tropper Is Back!

One of the signs of a successful penitent, our tradition teaches us, is that he is able to forgive himself. By this standard, Rabbi Leib Tropper is a tzaddik! Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn blogs: Contrary to those who claim that Tropper … Continue reading

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I can’t remember the last time I made a meaningful apology to someone. I must be a great tzaddik who never does anyone harm. I hate empty ritual. I hate it when someone says, "If I have done anything bad … Continue reading

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‘Why Doesn’t The Rabbi Act Like A Rabbi?’

A Mexican lady at a shul I often attend asked a friend of mine on Shabbos, "Why doesn’t the rabbi [me] go upfront and act like a rabbi?" He told her that I wasn’t really a rabbi. He should’ve told … Continue reading

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We Are All Role Models

This man’s writing always shakes me up. He has a knack for getting to the heart of a matter. Chareidi Judaism doesn’t have a better representative in the news media. Jonathan Rosenblum writes: When a radio transmitter transmits sound waves, … Continue reading

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