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Britain’s Moral Decay

By Jonathan Rosenblum, on August 19th, 2011 Riots that started in London’s Hackney neighborhood last week spread quickly across London and to other large British cities, as rioters saw policemen standing back as they looted and burned. Meanwhile, in major … Continue reading

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No Wonder Obama Thanked The News Media For ‘Gracious’ Coverage

Jonathan Rosenblum writes: Senator Barack Obama owes the mainstream media (MSN) credit for a big assist in his election victory. And the U.S. media will, in turn, owe a round of applause to the Israeli media for its pioneering efforts … Continue reading

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Separate Sex Swimming At Harvard

Jonathan Rosenblum writes: Recently, Harvard University agreed to establish certain hours for sexually segregated use of the gym and swimming pool. Most of us upon hearing that news would be cheered at an apparently reasonable accommodation to those women who … Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Succoth

Jonathan Rosenblum writes: All the Jewish holidays are times of rejoicing, but only Sukkos is specifically known as “the time of our rejoicing.” The special joy of Sukkos is connected to the extra measure of closeness to God we feel … Continue reading

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It’s The Season For Repentance

Jonathan Rosenblum writes: In his newest book Defending Identity, Natan Sharansky once again mines his experience of nine years in Soviet prisons for universal lessons. At the beginning of his interrogation, the KGB offered him the possibility of being reunited … Continue reading

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