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My Anthony Weiner Moment

I was breaking the Tisha B’av fast in 1999 at a fine kosher establishment on Robertson Blvd, just south of Pico. I ran into a woman a few years my senior. “I’ve got somebody for you,” she said. “This woman … Continue reading

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How To Help Jews Marry Jews

I applaud these ideas. I want to marry a Jew. I might need a little help. Rabbi Asher Lopatin writes: 2)If you are married, invite singles over to your home for Shabbat dinner or lunch. Many homes are just not … Continue reading

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Tisha B’Av Pick-Up Lines

Heshy Fried writes: We can make our own live music together You smell great for someone who hasn’t showered since Rosh Chodesh Want to try some of my milchig treats? We can use non-leather whips if you’re machmir on Tisha … Continue reading

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