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The Torah Hour Of Power

This week’s Torah portion is Vayeira (Genesis 18:1–22:24). We discuss my Torah Talk with Joey Kurtzman last week. Rabbs emails: Here is the dude I spoke about. Here’s his daughter Jessica. Here are my notes for the show with Rabbi … Continue reading

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I Wanna Bomb Iran

I’m sitting at home on a Sunday. I feel tired and listless. I’m getting over a cold. I’ve spent most of the day in bed listening to lectures on making money online. As far as that goes, I haven’t made … Continue reading

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Standing In Unity At Sinai Temple

David Suissa writes in the Jewish Journal: The second event that has fueled my optimism happened at my friend Rabbi David Wolpe’s Sinai Temple. For those of you who were around about seven years ago, you might remember that a … Continue reading

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