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Joe emails: A reform jew is walking down the street and he looks in the window of the kosher deli. He does a double take as he is utterly shocked to see his reform synagogue’s pulpit rabbi eating lunch. He … Continue reading

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Betty and the menace to the bio-Jewess

Lilit Marcus writes on Jewcy.com: A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on Jewcy about my Jewish identity – more specifically, about not knowing Hebrew and wondering if that made me less of a Jew. I also referenced the … Continue reading

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Kipot Gone Political

From the WSJ: Estelle Julian expects to turn some heads with the political message on her head this week. The 76-year-old Jewish Republican will be sporting a yarmulke with the words "John McCain is Zayer Shain," Yiddish for "John McCain … Continue reading

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