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Panic Attacks Kill Triathletes

If you think about your Alexander Technique directions (a free neck, the head releasing away from the torso, back lengthening and widening), it is virtually impossible to have a panic attack. You must compress to panic. If you think about … Continue reading

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The Prager Girls

There’s a new group in Phoenix — “The Prager Girls.” They wore their own special t-shirts to last night’s panel with Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved. I just searched in Google for the term “The Prager Girls”. There … Continue reading

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Obama’s Campaign Collapses

Hugh Hewitt writes: For more than a year Obama has been allowed to run for president without hardly anything of substance issuing from him.  This is because he is the chosen one of the MSM which has done a collective … Continue reading

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Driving & Loving

I’m brutal and impatient. I don’t know how I manage to keep my license. I’m way to quick to toot my horn and push my way to where I wanna go. I’m a menace. I should be illegal. On rare … Continue reading

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