The Prager Girls

There’s a new group in Phoenix — “The Prager Girls.”

They wore their own special t-shirts to last night’s panel with Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved.

I just searched in Google for the term “The Prager Girls”. There were no results.

Dennis was asked how did it feel to have groupies.

“They are highly intelligent groupies,” says Dennis. “It’s a good thing for society. Why should only rock stars and musicians singing sometimes not terribly socially uplifting music, why should only they be rewarded that way? How about those of us actually doing some good in society?”

Here are The Prager Girls in action:

Apparently my raw charisma and moral purity has caused a rift in the group of Arizona spinsters know as the Prager Girls. A group has now splintered off focusing on my humble blog as their new spiritual compass.

I shall dub these fine Jewish female specimens “Luke’s Ladies.”

I say, Welcome fine ladies and shalom.

Dennis says: “My parents virtually never argued, but on the rare occasions they did, I felt worse than when they were arguing with me. In my home, if one parent said X, it didn’t help to go to the other. In fact, they got annoyed. So what you have to do as a kid is to pick the parents who will give the answer you want. In general, one should do that. Ask people whose answer you want. In Jewish life we were told, go to the rabbi who you think will be most lenient when you want to know if something is permitted.”

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