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Do Large Breasts Belong On The Pulpit?

Jonathan Kirsch writes in the Jewish Journal: Levy’s account of her own self-reinvention as a rabbi, which inspired her to create Nashuva, is kind of a parallel narrative in “Hope Will Find You,” and it’s just as affecting and enlightening … Continue reading

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Wisdom Comes From The Children

Let us learn from the young because they know so much about life and they have so much wisdom to share with us. If children feel strongly about religious egalitarianism, well then, shouldn’t we follow them? Talk show host Michael … Continue reading

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Is Yoga For Fags?

Chaim Amalek emails: "I sense a new enthusiasm that is likely to pull you away from the rabbinate and Judaism. Also, yoga and women are for fags." Khunrum emails: "Amalek, I applaud whatever comes next, be it Yoga or Alexander, … Continue reading

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What Could Be Better Than Obeying The Rabbis?

From my live cam chat: HymenRothofMiami: Christian music and art helps bring Christians closer to Christ HymenRothofMiami: Jewish music just bores. HymenRothofMiami: And there is no Jewish art HymenRothofMiami: Love this music…shiksas singing their love of Jesus. HymenRothofMiami: Better that … Continue reading

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The Conversion Controversy

Rav Yitzhock Adlerstein writes: Several weeks into the current conversion fracas, and I have participated in a webcam debate, read two of Rabbi Sherman’s piskei din, plus teshuvos both modern and pre-modern, several articles in Techumin, a few chapters of … Continue reading

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