Do Large Breasts Belong On The Pulpit?

Jonathan Kirsch writes in the Jewish Journal: Levy’s account of her own self-reinvention as a rabbi, which inspired her to create Nashuva, is kind of a parallel narrative in “Hope Will Find You,” and it’s just as affecting and enlightening as the one about her daughter’s health. What other rabbi, I wonder, is willing to talk so openly about the special challenges that a woman in the rabbinate may be called upon to face? Levy, for example, tells us about a colleague who was criticized by her senior rabbi for a particular aspect of her anatomy. “I have to mention that God happens to have blessed my friend with very large breasts,” Levy writes. “Okay, they’re huge breasts.” Said the senior rabbi: “I think it’s distracting to people to have to see such large breasts on the pulpit.”

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