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Are Women More Spiritual?

David Suissa writes: That idea is a woman’s spiritual edge over man. I got a taste of that edge last Friday night at Temple Beth Am, where a packed house welcomed their new cantor, Magda Fishman, a soulful trumpet player … Continue reading

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Need help finding an Orthodox Synagogue!

Jane emails: “I’m a prospective Jewish convert. I’ve spent the past 4 months or so studying at a Conservative Temple here in Los Angeles. Although I really enjoyed my experience, I want to experience and learn more, however this time … Continue reading

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The Orthodox View Of Marriage

The more religious the shul, the more likely they are to have copious amounts of alcohol around on Purim and Simchat Torah. By contrast, Modern Orthodox shuls such as Bnai David tend to be alcohol free. I went traditional Thursday … Continue reading

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Toras HaShem Is Now Young Israel Of Valley Village

Jeff emails: Did you hear that Rabbi Zvi Block is negotiating selling his shul Toras HaShem for 1.2mil $ to Yeshivas Ner Aryeh? Joe emails: “It would be an incredible power play by the right wing in the valley. Toras … Continue reading

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Chabad – Judaism With Muscles

I’ve gone a lot to Chabad shuls over the past few months and they’re totally different from the Modern Orthodox shuls I am used to. For one thing, many of the Chabadniks I meet have muscles. Few Modern Orthodox Jews … Continue reading

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