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Dillon, Texas, and Science

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke, I just looked at your “I’m Ready For Some Football!” post. I mentioned before that I’m excited because I’m headed back to Dillon in October. Not actual Dillon, of course, but someplace similar. Our new … Continue reading

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Learning The Social Mores Of Orthodox Judaism

Heshy Fried writes: When I lived in Dallas, the kiruv folk over there had the social process down pat, this was because they had no competition and most of the people becoming frum would probably never live anywhere else and … Continue reading

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She Shuckled All Night Long

Hat tip to Frum Satire: The lyrics are below: The Alte Rockers: Purim 2009: Parody of AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long You Shuckled (AC/Rashi, Jews in Black Hats) She was a text machine She studied kiddushin She … Continue reading

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The Hasidim Conquered America

From a Jewish Press interview with Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff: Today we all wear uniforms. What is the concept of wearing a uniform? What is chassidus all about? It’s beautiful. You have a social order, you build a wall around yourself … Continue reading

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Toras HaShem Is Now Young Israel Of Valley Village

Jeff emails: Did you hear that Rabbi Zvi Block is negotiating selling his shul Toras HaShem for 1.2mil $ to Yeshivas Ner Aryeh? Joe emails: “It would be an incredible power play by the right wing in the valley. Toras … Continue reading

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