Toras HaShem Is Now Young Israel Of Valley Village

Jeff emails: Did you hear that Rabbi Zvi Block is negotiating selling his shul Toras HaShem for 1.2mil $ to Yeshivas Ner Aryeh?

Joe emails: “It would be an incredible power play by the right wing in the valley. Toras Hashem is one of the last tolerant orthodox shuls in the valley, and ner aryeh is blacker than obama’s dad. Ner aryeh would then have a true shul and lots of black hats who stayed with shaarei zedek because they have limbic brains left (unlike those who went to the beit tefilah outpost with Rabbi Edelstein), might just go to ner aryeh because shaarei zedek does crazy left wing things like pray for the leaders of the state of israel.”

Disco Duck posts: “Beis Medrash Toras HaShem is now Young Israel of Valley Village.”

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