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Ann Coulter On Election

From DennisPrager.com: Ann Coulter on the Election Monday, November 08, 2010 | Posted by: Allen Estrin at 2:40 PM Dennis talks to Ann Coulter about Tuesday’s election. Here’s her latest column. Dennis and Angry Liberals: Are People Basically Good? Monday, … Continue reading

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Will My Beard Hurt My Job Prospects?

Most of the people close to me hate my beard. They say it will hurt my job prospects. That people don’t like beards. I know there are jobs that require a person to be clean-shaven, but I am not so … Continue reading

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Young Israel Has To Go?

A college student, Rebecca Blady, blogs: I’ve been thinking a lot about the impending schism in Orthodox Judaism in America. I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you flat out I’m pro-schism: Whether the moguls of the Orthodox world like it … Continue reading

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