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Some Game?

He sat at his desk in the law office Wednesday afternoon grinding out the work when suddenly an attractive young brunette appeared before him. “Hi!” she said. “I’m Devi*.” He was taken aback and only stuttered out a “hi” after … Continue reading

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How Does One Enjoy Life When There’s A Genocide In Darfur?

I was just out for a walk. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Pico-Robertson. I passed these kids playing. They were laughing and shooting each other with water guns. At least one kid wore a t-shirt that read “Stop the … Continue reading

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The Modern Orthodox Walk Of Shame

From YUBeacon.com: Adjusting the clasp on my Hadaya necklace, I finally take in my whole reflection in the bathroom mirror. My transformation from Occasionally-Cute-Modern-Orthodox-Girl into Sexually-Appealing-Secular-Woman: complete. I had managed to startle myself so much that I rush to cover … Continue reading

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My Beard Bothers The World

In February 2008, I read an essay in Commentary magazine by the clean-shaven Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik on the role of the beard in Judaism. It laid out the reasons for why the beard (as opposed to the clean-shaven look) was … Continue reading

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May Israel Defend Itself?

As I walked around today in my yarmulke and tzitzit out, I knew that I’d get challenges about Israel killing ten people on that aid flotilla to Gaza. Non-Jews in my life were gentle but this was on their minds … Continue reading

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