Ann Coulter On Election


Ann Coulter on the Election

Dennis talks to Ann Coulter about Tuesday’s election. Here’s her latest column.

Dennis and Angry Liberals: Are People Basically Good?

Dennis wrote in The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles that normative Judaism doesn’t hold that people are basically good. For this he received a lot of angry mail from angry liberals.

New Prager U Course! “The Middle East Problem”

The latest from Prager University is now online — The Middle East Problem. See it! Spread it! You can see it here. (You can also see it on your iPhone. Download our app. Go to the app store and search for PragerU).

Dysfunctional California Becoming National Joke

California is the Lindsay Lohan of states — once showing promise, now pathetic.

Barone Looks at Election Results

The always incisive political analyst, Michael Barone, looks at the election and finds it to be an historic victory for the Republicans.

Dennis in New York on Monday, November 22

Dennis Prager will be in Great Neck on Monday, November 22 at 7:30pm. He will be speaking at the Temple Israel of Great Neck with Rabbi Marvin Tokayer. Tickets may be purchased for $50 to $150. For more information, click here.

Henninger: Republicans Need to Change the Paradigm

Daniel Henninger, writes a column that Republican congressmen should not only read, but imprint on their brains.

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