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Greg Leake – Shabbos Goy

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke, I’ve been out of action because of rotator cuff surgery. The stitches are out, and I’m doing physical therapy, probably won’t be able to throw a left hook for 6 months. A drag. In your … Continue reading

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My Abba’s Still Got His Fastball

Though racked by pain and illness, my dad still held ’em spellbound at Loma Linda University Saturday afternoon. But let’s talk about me. I leave my phone off the hook 90% of the time and then check my messages about … Continue reading

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Work Means Freedom

From my live cam chat: palestine4ever:  oh my palestine4ever:  this is a side of luke i never intended to see palestine4ever:  LUKE palestine4ever:  WAKE UP palestine4ever:  THE HEAT IS WORKIN palestine4ever:  THE OVEN’S WORKIN palestine4ever:  WHY AIN’T YOU WORKIN YourMoralLeader:  … Continue reading

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