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Yisroel Pensack: Happy Chanukah!

This is not a Lubavitcher chossid, obviously.  The branches of Chabad-Lubavitch menorahs are straight and diagonal — not like this: or this: but like this: and this: and this:

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Hanukkah Lights At LA Live

Kevin Roderick reports on last night’s Lakers victory: "A pre-game rock band from Chabad marked the end of Hanukkah on the plaza at L.A. Live. By game’s end, all evidence of Jewishness was gone and recorded Christmas music blared while … Continue reading

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I Demonstrate And Explain Tefillin To My Cam Audience

From my live cam chat: Russian: Is he checking his blood pressure? untpunt:  ohh yeeaaahhh RussianDragon:  is that bulletproof KhunDiddy:  either that or strapping on a suicide vest Emma:  What is that QuixoticLass:  no, bullets would go through cuntpunt:  its … Continue reading

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