What Are You Grateful For?

From my live cam chat:

ChaimAmalek:  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
ChaimAmalek:  And for what are you the most thankful this year?
YourMoralLeader:  depends on if i get invites, none this year
ChaimAmalek:  Why not?
ChaimAmalek:  Because of unpopularity, or because you did not make the effort to get them?
YourMoralLeader:  both
ChaimAmalek:  This is my second worst
YourMoralLeader:  i’m gonna use prosper.com to borrow money to become a licensed Alexander Technique therapist
ChaimAmalek:  prosper.com?
ChaimAmalek:  It is especially hard to borrow money these days
ChaimAmalek:  You are subsubsubprime
ChaimAmalek:  I made a disturbing obersvation this morning
ChaimAmalek:  I attended the Macy’s Parade.  Whenever I go to Macy’s, it seems that 90% of their salespeople are black.
ChaimAmalek:  But looking at the faces of the people manning the balloons today, it seems that not even one in a hundred was black
ChaimAmalek:  Ditto the crowds.
ChaimAmalek:  I know it is no Juneteenth, but is Thanksgiving now just the White Man’s holiday?
ChaimAmalek:  The crowds I can understand, but the balloon handlers?
ChaimAmalek:  It is of a piece with Obama donating just $150 in old clothes to charity in the year before he began his race for the presidency
ChaimAmalek:  The Negro does not have much of a sense of community
ChaimAmalek:  This is part of the curse of diversity
ChaimAmalek:  What do you think are the odds of that Jewish Chabad couple getting out of that place alive?
ChaimAmalek:  in mumbai
ChaimAmalek:  Only report I have heard on it is that a maid escaped with their 2 yo son, whose pants were soaked in blood.
ChaimAmalek:  But that was pretty preliminary
ChaimAmalek:  And remember – Islam is the religion of peace
ChaimAmalek:  You know, had you not abandoned the kehilla that in a sense respected you – the porners – you’d have had tons of invites this Thanksgiving
ChaimAmalek:  People among whom you’d easily rank in the top ten percent in terms of education
ChaimAmalek:  Yet you abandoned them for a stubborn stiff-necked alien people who want nothing to do with you

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