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The Reasons For Jewish Laws

In his third lecture on Deuteronomy in 2002, Dennis Prager says: “The rabbis [of the Talmud] distinguished between chukim (laws between man and God) and mishpatim (laws between man and man) as chukim are laws we can not understand and … Continue reading

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Are Jews Like The Amish?

I was explaining to a non-Jewish Seventh-Day Adventist friend today about some of the Jewish laws of the Sabbath. You can’t drive. You can’t talk on the phone. You can’t start or stop an electrical current. “Are Jews like the … Continue reading

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When Technology & Torah Collide

From the New York Times (which consistently publishes the best journalism on Orthodox Judaism): The rabbis, scientists and engineers of the Zomet Institute are trying to solve the problems that arise when technology and the Torah collide. Working from their … Continue reading

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‘What Kind Of Orthodox Jew Are You?’

A friend calls. I confess my sins. Friend: "What kind of Orthodox Jew are you?" He’s irate. Luke: "A horny one." Friend: "I can’t wait till you give it up. "You could be extremely dangerous. I see you in ten … Continue reading

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