Are Jews Like The Amish?

I was explaining to a non-Jewish Seventh-Day Adventist friend today about some of the Jewish laws of the Sabbath. You can’t drive. You can’t talk on the phone. You can’t start or stop an electrical current.

“Are Jews like the Amish?” she asked.

I laughed because I had been thinking about Adventists over the past couple of weeks and I kept comparing them in my mind to the Amish.

Why? Because they have unique laws and customs and almost no impact on the world.

There are about 15 million Adventists in the world and about the only field of endeavor where they regularly make a contribution is health.

I bet that in the United States, Jews have three times the median income of Adventists.

Jews have unique laws and customs and a gigantic impact on the world. Jews are like Amish except that they dominate stand-up comedy, Wall Street, banking, Hollywood, the media, publishing, political and intellectual life and have their own aisle at the supermarket.

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