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Molesting Girls

I was crashing with this girl a few years ago. I was being all honorable and just trying to get to sleep when she said to me, "Why aren’t you trying to molest me?" She was hurt that I hadn’t … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Clean Story

I was walking today with several students of the Alexander Technique when I made a sudden announcement, "Hey, I’ve got a clean story." Everybody turned to me and stared. And then they started laughing. After I relayed my story, about … Continue reading

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Nice Jewish Girl Says Sarah Palin Must Go

The NJG: palin has to go The NJG: she’s going to ruin the entire party The NJG: the 17 year old pregnant daughter The NJG: and she’s only for abstinence! The NJG: yeah right The NJG: and troopergate The NJG: … Continue reading

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Leah Kleim Just Got Out Of Jail

Why does this nice white Jewish girl get treated like a negro by the police? Stop the harassment! From my live cam chat: LeahKleim:  hey Levi, your ego seems mighty healthy these days YourMoralLeader:  what’s new leah? LeahKleim:  I just … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin’s Jewish Confessions

The non-Jewish actor tells The Jewish Channel: "I dated a Jewish girl from Oceanside when I went to GW (George Washington University?) for two years. Her grandmother made her break up with me on her death bed. She said "get … Continue reading

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