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Killing George Bush

"What did you think of the shooting at the Holocaust museum?" my friend asked. "I thought it was tacky and insensitive," I said. "This was hardly the type of behavior appropriate to a Holocaust museum. "Wouldn’t it be awful if … Continue reading

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Overcoming Shame

Tuesday afternoon I had a big shame attack. Tomorrow I’m going to park in the same place, spoon out of the same peanut butter tub, and overcome my shame my reciting one or more of these mantras as the beautiful … Continue reading

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How An Erotic Dream Led Me To An Understanding Of The Sacred Tongue

Monday afternoon, I catch the new Oliver Stone movie W. George Bush and his cohorts are portrayed as fools but I find myself enjoying every minute and I feel disappointed when it ends. I park by Borders in Westwood and … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin’s Jewish Confessions

The non-Jewish actor tells The Jewish Channel: "I dated a Jewish girl from Oceanside when I went to GW (George Washington University?) for two years. Her grandmother made her break up with me on her death bed. She said "get … Continue reading

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Is Scott McClellan A Judas?

Dennis Prager says Scott McClellan’s new memoir about his years working as a press secretary for President Bush raises a character issue. "That is very rare for me [to criticize the man rather than the act]. Prager: "I have sympathy … Continue reading

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