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I Want To Open Up My Own Virtual Kollel/Recovery Center

According to this 2008 990 filing on guidestar.org, the Westside Kollel CEO Rabbi Marc Lebhar brought home over $110,000 that year. This makes me question why did I ever bother with —-? Instead, I should’ve opened up a kollel. Oy, … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager: ‘Only Blacks Have Leaders’

On his radio show yesterday, Dennis Prager says: “The very idea of black leader, I find unpersuasive. Blacks have leaders but whites don’t have leaders. Hispanics don’t have leaders, asians don’t have leaders. Only blacks have leaders. Do you know … Continue reading

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Andrea Thompson Commentaries

Steam Chip emails: I just emerged from my cave a few weeks ago and discovered who Andrea Thompson is. Consider anything I write from here on in this particular context — it is NEW news to me. Next week I’ll … Continue reading

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Reclaim Your Reputation Online

Most people I know whine when they don’t like what a Google search reveals about them. Then they either do nothing or they make stupid blustery threats. That’s for losers. If you don’t like what the internet says about you, … Continue reading

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Would You Like To Know More About Me?

"I really enjoy the joy of being me and i am dedicated to sharing that joy with you." That was an assignment from yoga class tonight… Well, we were supposed to phone friends, I thought I’d just post it. It … Continue reading

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