I Want To Open Up My Own Virtual Kollel/Recovery Center

According to this 2008 990 filing on guidestar.org, the Westside Kollel CEO Rabbi Marc Lebhar brought home over $110,000 that year.

This makes me question why did I ever bother with —-? Instead, I should’ve opened up a kollel. Oy, I was thinking like a goy.

“The Los Angeles Intercommunity Kollel has three components, a program geared for college students in Los Angeles, a broad initiative that reaches out to unaffiliated Jews in west Los Angeles, and a dynamic beis medrash environment for the baalebatim of the community.”

At LinkLA, you can make a donation to this kollel.

In 2007, Rabbi Marc Lebhar brought in $107,000 from the kollel.

I just did a Google search for “Marc Lebhar” and there was not one result.

According to the 2008 990 filing of Ashreinu aka JAMonCampus, Rabbi Daniel Zaret brought home $92,500 and his wife Barbara Zaret brought home $58,000.

Ashreinu “involves Jewish education primarily to unaffiliated and minorly or marginally affiliated Jewish students on university campuses throughout Southern California.”

Never heard the word “minorly” before.

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