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Steam Chip emails: I just emerged from my cave a few weeks ago and discovered who Andrea Thompson is. Consider anything I write from here on in this particular context — it is NEW news to me. Next week I’ll look in on presidential election and see how Al made out against George W.

In response to the Andrea Thompson commentaries: As the somewhat observant Jew, I imagine it falls upon you to uphold some aspect of God’s righteousness. However, this is tricky without appearing too insulting, self righteous or condescending. I understand full well your remorse and apology in your 2nd commentary about Andrea. We need to live long lives so we can atone for our earlier sins.

Some additional information: While doing some artwork, as is my custom, I had a DVD running to keep me company as I worked. Suddenly, I heard a very distinct and astoundingly marvelous Voice. Instantly taken, and was compelled to cue back and forth through the DVD until I located her name.

Running a Google search, I found all kinds of stuff about Andrea, including your website.

Her upbringing, so as many of the websites say, was in a strict Catholic household. Perhaps she abandoned her religion or maybe it was an understanding she had with God; the decision to shuck clothes lasciviously for the various pictures and films. Andrea certainly seemed comfortable being filmed in only her skin while others were getting a grope. Unrepentant, she declared to critics and the curious, in so many words, her work was that of a creative artist.

As an artist myself I certainly can empathize with the sentiment. However, some acts of

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