Dennis Prager: ‘Only Blacks Have Leaders’

On his radio show yesterday, Dennis Prager says: “The very idea of black leader, I find unpersuasive. Blacks have leaders but whites don’t have leaders. Hispanics don’t have leaders, asians don’t have leaders. Only blacks have leaders. Do you know who they are appointed by? White liberals. Al Sharpton is a black leader? If you are a black with any dignity, you don’t find that a bad joke? Who appointed him? The white liberal media. Who appointed Jesse Jackson? The white liberal media. What have they done for blacks? Zero. They have perpetuated the notion that only blacks have leaders.

“Can you name a Jewish leader? An hispanic leader? A white leader? Why do only blacks have leaders? Because white liberals love that. They appoint them.”

A Google search for “black leader” yielded 170,000 results. “Jewish leader” yielded 99,700 results.

I have often heard the term “Jewish leader.” Young Marc Schneier at YU said he was a future Jewish leader.

“Asian leader” resulted in 132,000 results. “White leader” resulted in 80,000 results.

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