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The Rating Game

Today I was telling my shrink, Dr. Spielvogel, about this new book by Reba Toney — The Rating Game. If you find yourself getting dumped a lot, it’s probably because you’re dating out of your league. If you do the … Continue reading

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Like A Pig In Slop

Joe emails: I see the pictures of you at the porn star reunion and you look happier than a pig in slop. You are there loving being Jewish, with tzitzit hanging out and next to gals with everything else hanging … Continue reading

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The Combo

Friday night, the rabbi said the class on Hasidut would begin at 8 a.m. He didn’t want to look like a dick and show up on time, so he strolled up in his best undertaker suit at 8:15 a.m. and … Continue reading

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Name Those Who Study Torah In Pico-Robertson

I’m talking about people who study it every day in the original. And I am not talking about rabbis or anybody who gets paid to study Torah. There are three at Bnai David-Judea (about 430 member families) — Shep Rosenman, … Continue reading

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Congruence With Orthodoxy

Joe emails: As I have told you for a long time, Orthodox Judaism is for married couples, preferably where the male carries a spare tire and the woman carries two. Going to shul and having a place where your kids … Continue reading

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