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Like A Pig In Slop

Joe emails: I see the pictures of you at the porn star reunion and you look happier than a pig in slop. You are there loving being Jewish, with tzitzit hanging out and next to gals with everything else hanging … Continue reading

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Synagogue Website Reviews

Joe emails: I have a deviant fascination (is there any other kind?) with monitoring synagogue websites. Some are quite useful. More important than the content is the theme of the site and what it tells you about the shul. WWW.YICC.ORG … Continue reading

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Lithuanian Jews Didn’t Wear Their Tzitzit Out

Rabbi Gil Student posts: The Jewish Press had a review a few weeks ago of Minhagei Lita: Customs of Lithuanian Jewry by R. Menachem Mendel Poliakoff. In the book, the author discusses the customs he observed in Lithuania in the … Continue reading

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