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Shannon Orand’s Unusual Conversion

Here’s the Jewish Israel report. Here’s The Jerusalem Report. From The Jerusalem Post, it sounds like Rav Shmuel Eliyahu (Chief Rabbi of Safed and the son of the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Mordechai Eliyahu) is the main force … Continue reading

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Pants-Wearing Women Can Apply For Conversion Right Now On My Live Cam!

Act before Christmas while supplies last! My conversions are accepted by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Here’s my investigative report on women’s pants and the holy reasons rabbis want them removed. Beth: Luke, I am afraid I do wear pants … Continue reading

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Jewish Links

From Hirhurim: YU students create wind-powered (non-kosher) menorah: link R. Eliezer Melamed told he must condemn IDF insubordination: link Mystery illness at Ramaz: link Prof. Yosef Yerushalmi passes away: link Disney’s first animated movie about a Jewish American Princess (joke!): … Continue reading

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Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Is A Bad Joke

From Dr. Marc B. Shapiro‘s first lecture on Rav Isser Yehuda Unterman for Torah in Motion: "The chief rabbinate [of Israel] in the days of Rav [Abraham Isaac] Kook and Rav [Benzion Meir Hai] Uziel and Rav Unterman was the … Continue reading

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Converting Children To Judaism

David writes on Hirhurim: "Based on Rabbi Broyde’s summary of Rabbis Kook and Elyashiv’s position, "that a bet din ought not to convert a child to Judaism unless it is nearly certain that the child will grow up to be … Continue reading

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