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From Hirhurim:

  • YU students create wind-powered (non-kosher) menorah: link
  • R. Eliezer Melamed told he must condemn IDF insubordination: link
  • Mystery illness at Ramaz: link
  • Prof. Yosef Yerushalmi passes away: link
  • Disney’s first animated movie about a Jewish American Princess (joke!): link
  • Charedi rabbis in Israel oppose Charedi websites: link
  • Gay Orthodox rabbi in Israel: link
  • Suing the Chief Rabbinate over conversion annulment: link
  • European rabbis condemn Swiss minaret ban: link
  • Anonymous donors give $12 million to Gann Academy: link
  • Snoods are a big retail item: link
  • Crisis spurs migration to Israel: link
  • Results of the latest Day School Census: link
  • Political strategist David Greenfield points out that Orthodox efforts against Gay Marriage were ineffective and that he believes the initiative will eventually win: link
  • MOSHE COMMENTS: FYI the mechitza at the Bostoner’s is made of Windows that were originally installed in the John Hancock building in downtown Boston. They were defective and had a nasty habit of of popping out and crashing to the street below. So they were replaced. Some well placed Bostoner got them to donate afew ofthese rejects to the shul. At least that’s the story they tell there.

    I have also heard complaints from some women in Boston about this Mechitza.

    It is also worth noting that when I davened there weekday mornings in the early 2000’s, The Rebbe zt”l used to do much of his davening in the late Rebbetzin’s seat in the front of the ezras nashim. He this even though there were occasionaly women sitting right behind him!

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